Creating the Perfect Bathroom for Him

Creating the Perfect Bathroom for Him

You may think that for a man, the bathroom is just a functionary room. A means to an end. Somewhere just to “go”, and to clean. But you may be surprised that some, most, or if not all men want a few creature comforts in the bathroom, just to make the room feel a little more comfortable. Here are five things that would contribute to a perfect bathroom for him.

Cupboard for Razors

We’ll start with something practical. While, typically, men don’t stock as many items as women may do in the bathroom, a place to put the few thing they do require is a must. Shelves can do the job, but cupboards and cabinets are likely to be better, as they offer more protection from water and condensation for the various electrical items. Think razors, trimmers etc. Also useful for hiding that secret bottle of bubble bath too!

A Cup & Holder

Modern man has come a long way in recent years, embracing skin products and deodorants more openly than in past decades. But the most essential thing remains – the toothbrush. And this little stick, and it’s accompanying toothpaste, needs a place to sit, away from the various other products that may adorn the sink area. A little cup, paired with a little cup holder attached to the wall, will do the trick.

Demister Pads for the Mirror

For a lady, the pre-night out ritual is an efficient, well laid out plan. Preparations start early, and culminate at the right time. Men, on the other hand, can be a little more last minute. Showering, shaving and spraying can all be done within the last 20 minutes before they shoot out the door. And there is no greater annoyance than showering first, and then having to wait for the mirror to demist so you can shave. A perfect bathroom for him would include a mirror or mirrored cabinet that had demister pads built in.

Heated Towels

While not a specific requirement just for men, heated towel racks are fantastic for those cold days. It may be a little self-indulgent, but nothing beats the feeling of wrapping up in a warm towel following a shower. It can also speed up the last minute preparations by allowing faster drying!

Newspaper/Book Rack

Now for the blokiest thing on the list. It’s not quite a bathroom without some amount of reading material next to the toilet! This is great even if you are on a budget and can go a far way to keeping the bathroom neat and tidy, but still primed, ready for any longer than expected bathroom breaks!


Post Written by Izzy  Evans from The Home of Inspiration.


  1. You know what, these are some pretty sound tips – maybe I’m just a stickler for shaving, but I find myself spending more time in the bathroom than many guys, and this is all pretty applicable. If I might be so bold, I think separate storage for his and hers bathrobes isn’t a bad call either if you’ve got the room. I don’t wear mine too often, but when I do it’s nice to know I can find it quickly.

    • James and Alicia

      HAHA I’m the same way, Garry! Thanks for commenting and sorry I’m just now responding! I didn’t realize how backed up my comment approvals got!

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