CoreLuxe Flooring Reviews in 2023: Is It Worth Buying?

CoreLuxe Flooring

CoreLuxe flooring is an excellent substitute for natural hardwood flooring, just like any luxury vinyl plank. If you are searching for reviews of CoreLuxe flooring and the results pop up with Lumber Liquidators, don’t worry, it’s the former name of CoreLuxe company.

A lot of homeowners are looking for elegant flooring designs that can compromise a bit in quality. They want to add more versatility and uniqueness to their floors to surprise their guests.

This cost-effective option also allows the homeowners to renovate their floors with new styles after a fixed time.

Here I will try to cover all the critical aspects of CoreLuxe flooring you might need to know about and helps you in making the right decision for your flooring.

CoreLuxe Lines – 3 Types

Generally, the CoreLuxe floors are available in three different lines, designed for the stylistic needs of consumers.

These collections are diverse in features, price points, and designs. Let’s try to understand each type of CoreLuxe line in detail:

CoreLuxe Basic

The basic line of CoreLuxe vinyl plank flooring contains three different wood options: oak, pine, and maple.

CoreLuxe Basic

These forms of flooring are easily available at lower prices and sizes from 5.3 to 5.5 millimeters. Each plank is 48-inches in length and offers stylish designs for homeowners.

You can get this basic CoreLuxe vinyl flooring with 10 years or a bit more warranty. It is available in a price range of $1.80 to $3.00 per square foot.

CoreLuxe XD

For a heavy-duty flooring option, you can go for CoreLuxe XD. It is obtainable for $2.10 to $3.40 per square foot.

CoreLuxe XD floor

These are thicker in dimensions and more durable in quality than CoreLuxe primary lines and can be trusted for commercial spaces or high abuse flooring areas.

The wear layer of these vinyl flooring planks provides a genuine stone or wood look. The darker shades and cross-hatch texture looks gorgeous in any home.

CoreLuxe Ultra

The best vinyl plank flooring is CoreLuxe ultra. These premium lines are the most expensive ones and are frequently available in a price range of $3.00 to $4.00 per square foot.

CoreLuxe Ultra floor

If you are looking for the best luxury vinyl plank flooring brand, this CoreLuxe line can be considered a great alternative against this option.

Best CoreLuxe Flooring Reviews – Top 8 Brands

When you check the vinyl plank flooring reviews, plenty of rigid core luxury vinyl flooring options are available.

However, they are so expensive that most homeowners can’t afford them or will not install the entire floor of their living.

The CoreLuxe flooring products are an excellent substitute for the best LVP flooring and allow you to install them on the complete floor with minimal investment.

Here are the top-of-the-line CoreLuxe flooring reviews of the best brands that you can try out:


Here, I listed SmartCore flooring on top of my list because Lowe’s vinyl plank flooring exclusively retails them. They are the market’s best brand offering 100% waterproof flooring products.

You can freely install Lowes vinyl flooring in your master bathroom or laundry room without worrying about the moisture level on the surface.

SmartCore CoreLuxe Flooring

The top layer is 12 millimeters thick, which can easily endure high-traffic areas.

This flooring brand is backed up with an almost unlimited warranty for residential use, and the additional underlayment feature force you to buy this CoreLuxe flooring.


The Mowhawk planks are thinner than SmartCore boards and deliver almost 20 millimeters of urethane top layer at just $2.58 per square foot rate.

Mowhawk floor

These boards are a low gloss surface finish but are outstanding in quality. You can easily install these planks on your own on any concrete subfloor without any wear and tear.

The color patterns of Mowhawk CoreLuxe flooring will never disappoint many homeowners, and you can easily match them with your furniture and other surroundings.


If you are looking for an alternative to waterproof vinyl plank flooring, you have the option of NuCore flooring in the best CoreLuxe flooring options.

NuCore floor

These planks are made in China, and GreenGuard Gold Certified qualifies the brand. The wear layer of these vinyl plank boards is 22 millimeters, and the overall thickness is around 5.5-6.5 millimeters.

These CoreLuxe flooring options can be installed in any master bathroom, laundry room, or other high moisture spaces and give you a great experience.


All the Shaw flooring options are easily available in the Home Depot brand vinyl flooring, which can be installed on any surface at just $3.00 per square foot cost.

Shaw coreluxe floors

The Shaw vinyl plank flooring options are seriously luxurious and offer 12 different color patterns to choose from.


Most of their flooring planks are 5 mm thicker or higher, giving you almost the same quality as any luxury vinyl plank flooring brand.


The TrafficMaster is another recognizable brand in the CoreLuxe flooring arena and is verified by Floor Score Certification.

These boards are made with eco-friendly material and can improve the air quality of any residential space. The 25-year flooring warranty is enough for homeowners to add great value to their living space.

TrafficMaster flooring

You can also assure the quality of these boards after seeing many positive reviews on the Home Depot website about TrafficMaster CoreLuxe flooring tiles.


Lowe’s brand also sells the StainMaster flooring tiles for any indoor space in your home. These planks are less thick than Mowhawk floors but can be considered in any home living area.


Never worry about the moisture level of your kitchen or bathroom. The board of StainMaster is fully protected with a urethane coating.

This setup will increase the quality or durability of these planks on any type of surface.

Lumber Liquidators

Another major house brand for flooring is Lumber Liquidator vinyl plank flooring. You can easily get Lumber Liquidators vinyl plank models for almost half of the price of Shaw and Armstrong flooring products.

Lumber Liquidators coreluxe flooring

These ultra-thick luxury planks offer 48 inches lengthy boards, which are 7 inches thick. If you are thinking about remodeling a home flooring project, this brand suits you more.


Finally, have a look at the Armstrong flooring brand. You may get confused about your flooring choice after seeing many Armstrong CoreLuxe flooring planks.

The flooring boards of Armstrong are available in three different varieties in terms of thickness which are from 2.79 to 4.06 millimeters.

Armstrong coreluxe flooring

These planks are different in price, and you can pick any category from them according to your needs and budget range.

Core Luxe Flooring Styles and Versatility

The Core Luxe flooring gives you the authentic look of classic wood floor patterns, convincing most homeowners of their lower investment feature.

However, it is a fake wood flooring option but gives the impression of natural wood because of its 3D patterns and styles.

These wooden floor designs are available in unlimited styles, which can create great harmony with its furniture, wall, and other surroundings.

Not only the design, but these planks also provide almost the same quality as offered by luxury vinyl wood flooring or sometimes better than any cheap vinyl plank flooring.

How Do You Install Core Luxe Flooring

The CoreLuxe installation instructions are simple and almost the same as the other best vinyl plank flooring brands. You can consider yourself a DIY installer for this flooring option.

The most common installation methods for this type of flooring are:

Interlocking Floors

You can install these flooring tiles with an easy click-together system which can be done on any smooth surface.

In this method, the planks are interlocked with each other and can be sealed further to eliminate water or any mildew growth.

Glue-Down Installation

Another way to install these CoreLuxe planking lines is to paste them on any surface with glue. The quickest and easiest method is to install these flooring tiles without damaging the subfloor.

CoreLuxe Flooring Prices

Another significant aspect of CoreLuxe flooring is its price. Of course, people are looking for this option because of its low-cost feature or simply can’t afford LVP flooring costs.

Observing the CoreLuxe affordability factor in your selected flooring product is necessary.

You can calculate the total budget of your home project by adding initial upfront cost, lower maintenance prices, and installation costs together.

You can cut down the entire expense from this budget by installing it yourself and managing this affordable flooring option at a lower investment.

This price is also dependent on the length of the warranty. Some brands offer a lifetime warranty for this flooring option but may cost you a bit more.

Moreover, the lesser warranty manufacturers offer their flooring products at lower rates. You can include this warranty factor while manipulating the total budget for this project.

Pros of CoreLuxe Flooring

You will notice many consumers give positive CoreLuxe flooring reviews in vinyl hardwood flooring forums and suggest their flooring products along with their advantages.

Here are the pros of CoreLuxe flooring based on these honest reviews:

Strong Construction

The thick planks of CoreLuxe flooring are very sturdy and can be placed in any high-traffic area. The wear layer gives you a wooden and shiny appearance that is durable enough to tackle all types of loads.

DIY Installation

The easy to install feature impresses most homeowners. You will never pay any additional cost to professional workers.

You can comfortably prepare this floor on any surface by interlocking its planks together. Installing these tiles won’t take all day and can be professionally fixed without complicated tools.


The biggest advantage of this flooring option is its affordability. If you compare CoreLuxe flooring with other options, you can easily save a big investment and utilize it for other purposes.

This flooring rate just costs you a couple of dollars per square foot.


You will get unlimited styles of CoreLuxe vinyl floors, and you can easily choose a good match design with its surroundings.

It is worth buying these floors to shade the right texture design identical to your home furniture.


The CoreLuxe flooring is waterproof and can be considered bathroom or laundry room tiles.

The waterproof vinyl plank flooring is also present in this type of flooring, making it so valuable for safe indoor use.

Cons of CoreLuxe Flooring

These flooring types do come with some downsides, which are:


The glossy surface of these floors is flat and can be a bit slippery; they are ignored by some landowners and are not recommended for commercial use.

Never Improve Value

Installing the CoreLuxe flooring doesn’t improve your property value. The home contractors never endorse this flooring type because of this reason.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions relevant to CoreLuxe flooring reviews:

Does CoreLuxe Scratch?

You have to care about the CoreLuxe flooring because it can scratch easily if not properly cared for.

Although you can consider it for high-traffic areas and will never see any wear and tear in the long run, if you use stiff cleaning gears and slide the bulky furniture on its surface, you will see ugly scratches very soon.

Which Brand Is Best for Vinyl Plank Flooring?

There are endless vinyl plank flooring brands, but the most popular in the current market are Mohawk, NuCore, and Shaw flooring.

Who is the Manufacturer of Core Luxe Flooring?

Lumber Liquidators are the manufacturer of CoreLuxe flooring as it is a rigid vinyl plank made with sturdy material, so the brand offers an extensive warranty for its durability.

What is Core Luxe Flooring Made of?

This flooring type is divided into three different layers: SPC (Stone-Polymer Composite), WPC (Wood-Polymer Composite), and Pure Vinyl. These layers are combined to form a rigid core, the CoreLuxe flooring. The wear layer looks extremely tough and can survive in any condition.

Where is Cor Etec Flooring Made?

The COREtec flooring is a luxury vinyl floating floor made in the United States. You can easily install these types of flooring on any subfloor with a simple glue and stick formula. It is a durable flooring option that can be considered for any residential or commercial flooring space.

What is the Difference Between Cor Etec and Cor Etec Plus?

The COREtec flooring is recommended only for residential use, but you can also consider COREtec plus floors for commercial and industrial spaces. You will get a more rigid core layer in COREtec plus flooring models featuring scratch-resistant ability.

Is Cor Etec American Made?

The original COREtec manufacturers are located in China, part of the United States. Now many American brands are offering quality COREtec flooring construction in their stores.

Final Words

So, that was my CoreLuxe review on different floorings.

Of course, you can’t deny the quality of genuine hardwood floors, but now you will admit that the Core Luxe’s flooring also achieves similar effects with almost the same superiority offered by vinyl planks or other wooden flooring options.

The downsides of these floor types can be overwhelmed with some extra effort. You can cut down the price of your flooring project with CoreLuxe flooring.

The scenario can be more cost-effective if you maintain and install these floors on your own. The final appearance of these floors is identical to natural wooden floors.

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