Cleaning Vinegar vs White Vinegar – Which One Should You Use?

Cleaning Vinegar vs White Vinegar – Major Differences

Are you confused about the difference between cleaning vinegar vs white vinegar, or don’t know the exact difference?

When you compare cleaning vinegar vs. white vinegar, you will find only a 1% percent difference in acid intensity of these vinegar types.

It’s a massive difference and makes cleaning vinegar 20% stronger than white vinegar.  Both of these vinegar types are used for different purposes. You can’t mix them or their usage; otherwise, you will see dreadful results.

Continue reading to get useful details of these two forms of vinegar and a better understanding of their practices:

White Vinegar vs Cleaning Vinegar: Quick Difference

  1. The cleaning vinegar consists of 6% acetic acid, while the white vinegar has an acidity of 5%.
  2. This 1% difference is huge in acid intensity, making cleaning vinegar 20% stronger than white vinegar.
  3. The cleaning vinegar is recommended in laundry cleaning to give a fresh scent to garments.
  4. The white vinegar is used to clean bathroom tiles, kitchen countertops, and hard floors effectively.
  5. The white vinegar effectively removes debris and dirt particles from any surface.
  6. You can disinfect all the germs in your living space with the help of white vinegar.
  7. Cleaning vinegar is recommended to clean tougher stains.


Cleaning Vinegar

This form of vinegar effectively removes tougher stains like soap scum from bathtubs and drains unclogged sinks. It is less toxic and is used to eliminate odor from different items.

Cleaning vinegar is absolutely made with natural ingredients and can be mixed with commercial cleaning products like dishwashing liquid or even chemical products for cleaning purposes.

The acidity level of cleaning vinegar is 6 percent stronger than other kinds of vinegar.

Cleaning Vinegar

The smell of this vinegar is great in all aspects; you have the option to mix some essential oils like Rosemary, Peppermint, or Lemon Peel Oil to add more yummy stuff to your garments and surfaces.

You can shine your kitchen stoves and use the spray of this vinegar solution to save yourself from elbow grease. Overall, the soapy nature of this vinegar will create fantastic cleaning results on every surface.

White Vinegar

White Vinegar is a food item mostly used for acid dressing purposes. You can put some white vinegar on meals or salads for easy digestion. The acidity percentage in this form of vinegar is just 3 to 5 percent, so it is less harmful.

White Vinegar

The white distilled vinegar solution is mostly used to effectively disinfect or polish home items, especially laminate floors. This white distilled vinegar cleaning is absolutely safe for such surfaces, and you will get effective cleaning results.

Although this form of vinegar is not recommended for laundering, some homeowners include it in their washing machines to remove ugly odor from their clothes.

Is Cleaning Vinegar Safe to Consume?

There is a difference of 1% of acidity between these two forms of vinegar. The cleaning vinegar contains more intensity of acidic material, which creates an awesome smell on the surface.

But you have to increase the number of other substances in case of cleaning vinegar; otherwise, it might harm your health.

Cleaning vinegar is not recommended for washing cast iron or aluminum surfaces. You can’t clean the knives or other food-cutting objects in your kitchen.

This form of vinegar is even harmful to stainless steel items. You can only include 30% vinegar of this type to clean any surface.

Cleaning Vinegar Vs White Vinegar – What’s the Difference?

The major difference between white and cleaning vinegar is the intensity of acidity. Some people think there is only a 1% difference, and they use both these vinegar types similarly. But that’s not the right way to go.

Actually, this 1% difference makes the cleaning vinegar 20% stronger than the white form of vinegar.

If you compare white wine vinegar to white vinegar, both these kinds will give you an environment-friendly situation, but the white vinegar may work better for laundry purposes.

Cleaning Vinegar Vs White Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar also gives a brown tinge, so if you find the difference between apple cider vinegar and white vinegar, both are great for cooking and not highly recommended for putting in your washing machines.

Actually, cleaning vinegar is a variant of white vinegar and is mostly used to disinfect germs and bacteria from any surface. White vinegar is mostly preferred in food items like meals because of its acidic nature.

Uses of Cleaning Vinegar

  • You can use cleaning vinegar for laundry purposes to give a fresh scent.
  • Cleaning vinegar is used to wipe, spray or clean any type of floor for shining purposes.
  • Cleaning vinegar acidity is higher than other forms of vinegar so that it can be considered against tougher stains.
  • You can use it on your wooden objects, especially in kitchens or bathrooms.
  • If you have installed a glass surface in your living space, you can opt for cleaning vinegar to shine it effectively.
  • Cleaning vinegar is also used to remove gum attached to your garments.
  • This concentrated vinegar form is not recommended to mix with chemical cleaners.

Uses of White Vinegar

  • White vinegar is mostly recommended to polish luxurious surfaces but not regularly.
  • You can disinfect bacteria with white vinegar if you find bacteria on any surface.
  • You can use white vinegar for cleaning hardwood floors, bathroom tiles, and bathtubs.
  • This form of vinegar is less acidic and can easily be dissolved in water. It will never discolor or fade your garments.
  • If you love pets, you must use white vinegar to eliminate the pet messes and its ugly odor.
  • White vinegar effectively cleans debris, grime, and dirt particles from any surface.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is White Vinegar the Same as Cleaning Vinegar?

The white and cleaning vinegar is not the same; infect, the cleaning vinegar is 20% stronger than white vinegar and contains higher intensity than white vinegar.

Can I Use Regular White Vinegar for Cleaning?

You can use white vinegar for cleaning but not recommended on a regular basis. It may damage the surface because of the acidic nature of white vinegar.

Is Cleaning Vinegar Safe?

It is safe to use cleaning vinegar for most occasions. It’s a great choice for indoor cleaning and gives you an easy digestive situation if you dress it on salads and meals.

What is Cleaning Vinegar Good for?

The cleaning vinegar is highly recommended to eliminate odor from any object and drain the unclogged sinks in your kitchen or bathroom.

You can use the cleaning vinegar in your washing machine with other cleaning detergents for a fresh scent to your clothes.

What Should You Not Clean with Vinegar?

The marble countertops, irons, stone floor tiles, stubborn stains, and all forms of hardwood floors should not clean with vinegar.

Which Vinegar is Superior?

You can’t say any vinegar form is superior to the other type because they are used for different purposes.

The cleaning vinegar is the variant of white vinegar and is stronger than white vinegar. White vinegar is used in food for easy digestion, especially in meals and salads.

There is a 1% difference in the acidic intensity between these two kinds of vinegar. You can say this difference is huge because it will make cleaning vinegar 20% stronger than white vinegar.

Cleaning any surface with white vinegar may make it a bit smelly. It is better to use cleaning vinegar in your washing machine with detergent for a fresh scent to your garments.

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