How to Clean Wool Carpet? (Easy to Follow Guide)

How to Clean Wool Carpet

Are you searching for the best DIY technique to clean a wool carpet with minimum tools?

The wool silk rug might be the most elegant item in your living space, and you want to care more to maintain its aesthetic and cozy look on your home floor.

You can preserve the beauty of this antique with the right method of its cleaning.

Here you will get a few simple steps to protect the loveliness of your wool carpet without damaging its natural fibers.

The Best Method to Clean Wool Carpet Like a Pro

  1. Initially, eliminate the dirt from your woolen carpet by shaking it out. You have to dig out the hidden debris with a vacuum cleaner. Get ready for the cleaning solution and apply it to the rug area.
  2. Scrub the carpet with a softer sponge and target the stains too. Finally, rinse the rug with fresh water and dry it at any outdoor place for better ventilation.


How Often to Clean a Wool Carpet?

The wool naturally contains the power of stain and odor resistance. So, it is relatively easy to take care of than any other type of carpet.

If you are regularly sweeping or vacuuming your Colca wool rug then you have done a majority of cleaning.

Now, you may be thinking about how to clean a rug by hand or how to clean area rugs then you can simply use vacuums for cleaning wool rugs once a week.

You may find plenty of wool rug stain removers like bristle carpet cleaner to remove all kinds of spills and debris.

Clean a Wool Carpet

It is better to use any homemade solution instead of using expensive wool carpet cleaning solutions. Baking soda can be the best ingredient here.

You should never ignore the edges of wool carpets in the cleaning process. If you start removing all the dirt particles from the center of the wool carpet and avoid the corners.

This may damage the whole wool carpet. Mostly the grimes are building up in such areas and you never detect these damages later. It is better to clean the carpet from all areas to avoid this problem.

Equipment Required

  • Broom
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Old towels
  • 2 buckets

Materials Required

  • Cool water
  • Baking soda
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons wool wash detergent

Cleaning Wool Carpet – Full Step by Step Guide

Wool carpets need more dedication and attention than traditional carpets. You have to fix the exact problem to adopt the best possible cleaning method. Here I am going to describe the generic way to spot clean wool carpet.

There are plenty of ways to clean a wool rug and for this purpose, you have to know more about wool care.

Cleaning Wool Carpet

If you have wool carpet in your living room or house then you should take a look at long-term care and the best possible way to clean carpet without a cleaning machine to make your carpet germ’s free.

Now let’s deliberate the best way to clean wool rugs just by following these easy steps:

Shake Out the DirtStep 1. Shake Out the Dirt

You can remove the dirt from the woolen carpet on any sunny day by shaking it at any outdoor place. Just take your rug outside and place it on solid chairs on your porch.

You can take a tennis racket or any rug beater to lose all the debris deeply implanted in your favorite carpet.

Just give a solid skate at the end to remove all the dirt particles from it and clean the surface under the carpet with a broom.

 Vacuum the RugStep 2. Vacuum the Rug

You can simply use a vacuum on the wrong side of the rug to dig out all the debris. Any outdoor dry area like the garage is a good place for this task.

I hope you got the idea of how to clean a wool carpet yourself. It’s quite easy to manage these little home improvement tasks with vacuums on your own.

Mix a Gentle Detergent SolutionStep 3. Mix a Gentle Detergent Solution

Now you have to make a homemade wool wash detergent or use any carpet cleaner for wool carpets. You can merely use baking soda for this purpose.

Just add one or two tablespoons of commercial or homemade detergent in a full bucket of cold water. Similarly, fill another bucket with clean water too.

Lightly ScrubStep 4. Lightly Scrub

Use a soft sponge to gently rub the upper surface of the rug with this detergent solution. It is recommended to work in different grids of about 3 to 4 feet distance.

If you are looking to ask about can you pressure wash a rug, my response is No. You need to apply gentle pressure and do this task with softer hands.

Never flood or over-wet the fibers of your carpet. Just wet the top surface with this detergent solution with less amount of water.

Rinse Away SudsStep 5. Rinse Away Suds

Now you have to rinse the area of carpet you have cleaned. Never thought about skipping this phase.

Otherwise, the detergent may leave in the fibers of your wool carpet and damage it later. You need to apply freshwater with another clean sponge to softly clean the carpet.

Moisture LevelStep 6. Moisture Level

You might see excessive moisture on top of your woolen carpet. Can you steam wool? At this time, probably no.

This fuzzy woolen carpet should moisture only on stain spots. This will ease your job of drying this wool carpet.

It is better to clean the moisture from the entire area of the wool rug. If any moisture is left deeply in your rug, then it might create a bad odor later.

Allow to DryStep 7. Allow to Dry

Before putting our woolen rug back in its position, just allow it to dry completely. You can hang it at any outdoor place for better air circulation.


Tips to Keep Your Wool Carpet Clean for Longer

Have a look at the following tips that will help you keep your wool carpet clean for a long time:

Wool Carpet

  • It is always better to maintain your woolen carpet rather than focusing on different strategies or harder cleaning techniques. Some of you might use expensive wool-safe carpet cleaner for this purpose.
  • You need to follow the above-mentioned steps once a month to keep the new look of your lovely woolen carpet.
  • Another great way to stretch this time is to apply the “no indoor shoes” policy at your home. It will keep all the dirt particles away from your carpet and you might never think again about how to clean a woven rug.
  • it is a great idea to maintain your wool carpet more than focus on its cleaning ways.

Final Thoughts

Now if you want to maximize the lifespan of your woolen carpet then you should adopt all the steps mentioned in this informative guide.

Apart from that, it is more appropriate to maintain your woolen rug instead of focusing more on its cleaning ways.

The process of regular cleaning will keep your wool carpet fresh and germ-free. So, you have both ways to go. You can simply rotate the wool carpet to protect it from fading or ugly patterns.

I have tried my best to provide you with complete guidelines about cleaning the wool carpet on your own. I hope that now you can care for wool carpets correctly to save your dollars.

For more advice or tips, never hesitate to get in touch!!!

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