How to Clean and Organize your Bedroom Closet

How to Clean and Organize your Bedroom Closet

So you think it’s time for a closet renovation. Master bedroom closet ideas are endless when you consider all the storage and style options you can incorporate.

So this is not a simple project. Reserve a large chunk of time to tackle this task — perhaps a long weekend if you are working without a professional closet company. For step-by-step inspiration, here’s how to redo a closet.

Clear out your closet.

You may think organizing parts of the space is a good start, but that strategy only puts a bandage on the project. Clear everything out, every last safety pin and lonely button.

Store miscellaneous items elsewhere. 

Do you have non-clothes in there? Sewing kits? Christmas stockings? Children’s crumbled art projects? Find other storage rooms in your home for those: a garage, basement, linen closet, or spare bedroom. Consider storing miscellaneous items in chests or armoires you may have in other living spaces.

Divide your clothes.

Make three piles of clothes, those you’ll keep because they are in good shape and fit you, those you’ll give away or toss out, and those you’ll take to be repaired. Clothes are worthless if they are missing buttons or have torn hems. Even if you have the skills to mend clothes yourself, will you? Take them to the cleaners and let them do it for you.  You will feel as if you’ve gotten new clothes for a fraction of the cost.

Clean the empty space.

Wash the walls and vacuum the floors. Pick up every lost earring and bobby pin. Assess the emptiness.

Make a storage plan.

Research storage options such as hanger rods, shelves and rolling storage bins. Measure your space to narrow your choices and purchase what you need to store long-hanging dresses and pants as well as tops and skirts. Consider shelves and drawers for sweaters and folded items.

Get a shoe rack with multiple shelves. This will force you to put them away instead of just kicking them off.

Install a mirror and lighting.

A bedroom demands a full-length mirror. If you are short on space, hang one from your closet door.

How is the lighting? Can you see what’s in there in the dark of the wee morning, or are you habitually wearing mismatched shoes to work?

While a glamorous chandelier might be nice, if you don’t have space, install ribbon lighting above your hanger rods, an easy DIY task.

Decorate for functionality.

Your closet should not be an afterthought to your bedroom—it is an extension of it—so it deserves some style, too. Just make sure the style you choose is within budget and is functional with your way of life. If you know you don’t hang up your clothes after wearing, considering drawers or a basket you can through it in till you have time to sort it out over the weekend.

Return your clothes.

The most important part of a closet renovation is restoring order, putting everything in its place and savoring the new sense of accomplishment. This can often take longer than you realize so play music or an audio book so you don’t get bored.

Group clothes by function.

Hang dresses together, then pants and skirts, and arrange tops from sleeveless to long-sleeved.

Incorporate specialty hangers.

If you don’t have room for more storage bins, use scarf or belt hangers. They can fit on a hanger rod alongside your clothes and can accommodate numerous accessories.

Now that your bedroom closet design looks amazing, how do you keep it that way?

Consider reserving a sturdy wall hook to hold your workday outfits. Plan your week’s wardrobe on Sunday and hang it all on the hook with Friday’s clothes in the back and Monday’s in front.

When you come home from work Monday, immediately return your clothes to your waiting hangers or put them in the laundry. Tuesday’s clothes will be waiting dutifully for you.

If you find you don’t feel like wearing something you planned, that’s probably a sign you should get it out of your wardrobe. You should not feel obligated to wear your clothes—you should want to.

Once your master bedroom closet is organized, you may be surprised how good YOU look outside your home.

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