How to Clean Human Urine from Carpet?

Clean Human Urine from Carpet

If your toddlers are still learning the potty train, you must tackle their ugly incidents in a routine. These imminent things usually happen in unwanted places, most commonly rug surfaces in your home. You must learn the method to clean human urine from your carpet to handle these messes.

It is important to react immediately to these ugly stains, but you may not know the exact procedure or the things which help you while accepting this challenge.

We are here to help you to get urine stain and its unpleasant scent out of your carpet with a DIY approach.

How to Clean Human Urine from Carpet?

Initially, you have to blot the extra moisture of urine from the carpet. It will ease your task, and the next cleaning stage will relax. The white vinegar homemade cleaner will treat the residue part of the urine stain.

Further, you must use the best urine smell remover for the carpet to eliminate the unpleasant scent from its surface. This process of neutralizing the urine smell on the rug will refresh the environment of your living space.


Things You Will Need

How to Get Human Urine Out of Carpet – Complete Guide

It seems harder to get urine stains out of the carpet naturally. The good news is that you can handle this mess with natural ingredients and without taking assistance from a professional cleaner.

Here you will get a detailed guide for cleaning urine from the carpet without using any cleaning machine. You have the option to use the best enzyme cleaner for human urine or clean urine out of your carpet with any natural item placed in your kitchen.

Commercial cleaning or assistance from any cleaning agent is still placed around a corner. There are several ingredients used to remove the urine smell from the carpet.

This DIY guide will use these natural substances to kill the human urine stain and its unpleasant odor from the carpet. Let’s see how you can do this cleaning job:

Step 1. Prepare Yourself

Before moving on to the process of getting the urine smell out of the carpet, you must protect the body’s important parts from this dreadful stain.

face or air mask for cleaning carpet

You should wear a face or air mask, whichever is available, and rubber gloves before applying any human urine cleaner. It will save you from the germs and dirty smell produced by this mess.

Step 2. Blot Out the Surplus Urine

If you immediately react to this stain, then you have the chance to soak the excess urine out of your carpet. If you see this accident, don’t panic and stay cool.

paper towel for cleaning carpet

Use a sponge or paper towel to soak the moisture from the carpet before applying any human urine odor remover.

If you feel the carpet smells like pee, you can blot the major portion of this mess from the surface because this stain is still fresh. Finally, dispose of dirty paper towels in your living space.

Step 3. Pour the Urine Stains with Cleaning Solution

Now it’s time to use any cleaning solution to get the urine smell out of the carpet. You can choose a commercial or homemade natural cleaner for this DIY task. If you don’t want to use home remedies, you can buy any ready-made human urine stain removal product.

White vinegar is an ideal household item for this purpose. You can mix an equal quantity of this natural ingredient with water and pour all the urine stain portion of your carpet with this homemade cleaning solution.

You can further dab it with the sponge so that it will completely absorb the urine particles. Here comes the magic after 10 minutes; you will see no urine spots on your favorite rug.

Step 4. Treat the Urine Smell

The job is still not finished yet! You have to fight against the unpleasant scent of this mess. The easiest way to get the urine smell out of the carpet is to sprinkle salt on this human urine stain. If the surface is still wet with urine, then this hack works best.

sprinkle salt on carpet

The enzymatic cleaner is another ideal solution to kill this spill’s germs and eliminate its unpleasant scent.

This cleaner also helps you get the pee smell out of the carpet. You will get a fresher look on your carpet after applying the enzymatic solution to this stain.

Step 5. Scrub the Carpet Surface with Detergent

You should shampoo the carpet with any dishwashing detergent to remove all parts of the human urine left on the surface. Make a cleaning solution by mixing this detergent in the water and using a sponge to apply it to the entire rug area.

shampoo the carpet

You can scrub the extra tough urine stains with a brush and remove their ugly marks with this soapy stuff on your rug. The carpet surface will surely shine again with this cleaning.

Step 6. Final Wash

To conclude things, you have to wash the entire carpet surface to clean urine from the carpet completely. Always use fresh water for this purpose.

wash the entire carpet surface

If any soap residue is left in the piles of your rug, then this washing exercise will remove them too. Repeat this washing until you are 100% sure that all the spills have been successfully eliminated. Finally, give a long air dry session to your carpet.

How to Remove the Human Urine Smell from Carpet?

You can neutralize the human urine smell with a variety of household items. These hacks will surely work in such ugly situations and help remove the urine smell from the carpet. It is necessary to remove urine stains from your rugs immediately.

White vinegar for cleaning carpet

Lemon juice is the most deadly ingredient here to kill human urine smell. You can also sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet surface to eliminate the unpleasant odor from the rug surface. Similarly, the white vinegar also gets some bacteria and smells out of your upholstery.

These household ingredients can be sprayed on the stained area to stop the urine particles from spreading into your living atmosphere.

Commercial Cleaning Products to Treat Human Urine

Here you can call any cleaning agent to use the branded products for this unpleasant task.

The marketplace contains enzyme-based pet stain removers, textile fresheners, or carpet foams to cover these stains from your rug area.

Most of these cleaning products are effective and can be considered the best urine smell remover for carpets.

You just need to check the product description and their components so that these cleaning products will not become dangerous to your living environment. You also need special arrangements to tackle this kind of stain with these commercial products.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Baking Soda Remove Human Urine from the Carpet?

You can mark the human urine spots on your carpet and sprinkle them with baking soda. This natural ingredient will trap and lift away all the particles from this ugly mess from its root and eliminate it from your carpet surface.

What Will Take the Urine Out of the Carpet?

The mixture of white vinegar and warm water takes the urine out of the carpet within 10 minutes. This diluted formation is good enough to eliminate this mess without using any other component.

Does Human Urine Smell Go Away?

You must make a mixture of peroxide, baking soda, and dish detergent. This powerful solution will effectively remove the unpleasant smell of human urine from any surface.

How Long Does Urine Smell Last on the Carpet?

The average time of urine smell on a carpet is two weeks. It is better to disinfect this ugly odor from your carpet instead of waiting for its own departure.

Does Vinegar Neutralize Urine?

You can neutralize the bacteria and eliminate all the dreadful parts of this ugly mess with a vinegar solution.

You must mix an equal amount of vinegar with water and apply this solution to the urine stain to eliminate it effectively from any surface.

The Bottom Line

This informative guide will surely clear all the doubts on how to clean human urine from the carpet.

You can use any commercial human urine stain removal, but I have recommended natural ingredients for this DIY cleaning task here.

After successfully removing this mess from your rug surface, you must know the best way to get the urine smell out of the carpet.

The enzymatic cleaner or kitchen salt is a great hack to eliminate unpleasant scents from your carpet surface. Now you can protect your carpet surface in the future from this kind of mess. Good luck!

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