How to Clean a Fiberglass Shower in the Right Way?

Clean a Shower

Do you want to know how to clean a fiberglass shower in the correct way?

We all know that fiberglass showers are the most durable ones but we also need to look for their cleanliness so that they can last for maximum years.

You might be thinking about the complicated cleaning process that will exhaust you and make you feel tired. Isn’t it?

Fortunately, fiberglass cleaning is not at all a complicated process and can be done easily by following the steps that I will explain in this guide.

After reading the article you will be able to clean your shower in the right way. Are you ready? Let’s begin the guide.

Frequently Clean the Fiberglass Shower

If your fiberglass shower has stopped giving shine and you are noticing some stains it can be due to soap scum or mineral deposits that buildup if you do not pay attention to the cleaning.

It is important to frequently clean the fiberglass so that no minerals are buildup resulting in shower damage.

Clean a Fiberglass Shower

Talking about the fiberglass bathtub, due to moisture mold and mildew occurs and if you do not get rid of them as soon as possible the situation can become worse and you might need to replace them with a new one by spending a heavy amount.

It is important to keep your washroom moisture-free so that your fiberglass shower remains mold-free. Moreover, cleaning the shower at least once a week is important to keep them shiny and stain-free.

Ensure to switch on the exhaust fan once you have showered because it will keep your washroom dry all the time.

Best Way to Clean a Shower

You can manage to do this task in different ways and I will try my best to explain to you each way for your better understanding.

However, firstly try to wipe off dust or debris if you found it in your washroom that can be due to any reason.

Make sure your washroom is warm when you clean debris because it can lose the stains and make it easy for you to get rid of them.

You can also pull off all the minerals and soap scum with warm water because it works magically and let you remove them in no time.

Now let’s have a look at some natural methods that you can adopt in order to clean fiberglass.

Tools and Materials Required

Fiberglass Cleaning with Natural Method

Natural methods are the best in order to get rid of any stain, dirt, dust, or debris because they ensure to help you out.

The best thing about them is they are completely safe for your showers without any harsh chemicals involved. Here are some natural methods that you can follow in this regard. Let’s have a look at them

Baking Soda is PowerfulBaking Soda is Powerful

You might have heard that baking soda is magical as it helps to remove every kind of stain if combined with water. It is a natural product easily accessible in the market at a cheap price.

Hence, instead of using expensive cleaners why not choose a cheap one that also works well? This combination can also let you get rid of soap scum as well and make your showers shine all the time.

Baking Soda for cleaning fiberglass shower

Make a mixture of baking soda by adding a glass of water and start applying to the portion where you notice a stain. You can also apply the mixture in a spray bottle.

Once the mixture is applied, let it sit on the stain for some minutes, and later remove the shower with warm water. You will surely see instant results after some time.

It is the easiest way to clean your stained shower. You can also clean fiberglass tubs with this method.

Add Vinegar to Baking SodaAdd Vinegar to Baking Soda

Undoubtedly baking soda is the most powerful natural ingredient but vinegar is also in the same race. If we combine both ingredients in order to remove stains, they will do wonders.

They don’t provide any harm to the surface and make them clean. Add white vinegar to a spray bottle and sprinkle baking soda on the stained shower.

Now spray some drops of vinegar that will form a paste. Now take a soft sponge and start rubbing the stained area with gentle hands.

Add Vinegar to Baking Soda for cleaning fiberglass shower

Ensure to wear gloves and a face mask during this process for your protection. Once you are sure that you have rubbed the stained part enough, rinse the shower with warm water.

You can use this white vinegar for other purposes as well including washing handles, shower fixtures, showerheads, etc.

Do not forget to use enough water in order to rinse completely so that they come back in their original shine. It is one of the best bathtub cleaning hacks you should follow.

Hence, using these two methods in order to get rid of stains is the most powerful and you will surely see the results. If the stains are tough then you might feel challenged to remove them. So what should be done in such a case?

How to Remove Tough Shower Stains?

The above-mentioned steps are helpful only if you frequently clean your fiberglass shower. Sometimes the stain becomes tough when you avoid them for a long time.

To remove those tough stains, you need to use some harsh chemicals to pull them off completely. The methods involved in removing tough stains are:

Use BleachUse Bleach

Bleach can help get rid of hard stains easily but ensure not to use it directly. Always mix bleach with water so that it doesn’t provide harm to the shower surface.

Also do not forget to wear gloves for your safety. You can add a bleach mixture in a spray bottle or you can use a sponge to spread bleach on the stained part.

Let the bleach rest on the stained part for some time so that it fully shows the result. After some time, remove the bleach with cold water.

Bleach for cleaning fiberglass shower

However, we will not recommend you use this method at the start because it is harmful not only to human beings but also to fiberglass showers.

If all the methods don’t work well only then you should switch to bleach. Completely save yourself during this process because it can cause redness and itching.

Hydrogen Peroxide Fiberglass CleanerHydrogen Peroxide Fiberglass Cleaner

Let’s talk about one of the best fiberglass shower cleaners that will be helpful to remove hard stains from the shower. This cleaner is worth recommending for stained areas rather than bleach.

It is a kind of natural ingredient that is safe for you and your fiberglass showers as well.

If your showers have dark spots and they are still there even after several attempts, this cleaner is all that you need.

Hydrogen Peroxide Fiberglass Cleaner

It guarantees to remove hard stains from showers, bathtubs, shower heads, etc., and make them look as new as they were. You can get them from any store at a cheap rate.

It is the best fiberglass tub cleaner. Moreover, it is the best shower cleaner for hard water.

Thinner and AcetoneThinner and Acetone

Acetone help to remove every kind of stain from fiberglass shower stalls because the same ingredient is available in nail polish remover and we all know how well it works.

Take a neat piece of cloth and pour some drops of acetone and start removing the stains with gentle hands.

thinner and acetone to clean fiberglass shower

However, do not stick to this ingredient for a long time because if you often use it in showers, it can harm the surface and make them damage it. Cleaning a fiberglass shower is no longer a challenging task.

Point to Remember

You often combine homemade ingredients for effective results to clean dust and debris but do not follow the same method with commercial products because it can make the situation worse.

Commercial products have various ingredients involved and when you combine different ingredients, it can provide harm.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we have piled so that you know more about the best way to clean a shower. The questions include:

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Fiberglass Shower?

It is important to clean the shower at least once a week so that no hard stains occur on the surface.

However, if still, you find debris and stains, better follow natural ingredients that are safe for your showers as well including vinegar and baking soda.

How Can I Make My Fiberglass Shower Look Neat?

To make your showers look neat all the time it is important to pay special consideration to the cleaning.

Different minerals and soap scum occur in the shower head that can worsen the situation if you avoid them for a long time.

Hence, thoroughly clean the shower every week to avoid future issues.

How Do You Clean a Badly Stained Fiberglass?

If the fiberglass is badly stained and natural ingredients are not helping you out, use harsh chemicals to get rid of them.

You can use bleach if no method is working. Moreover, you can use a hydrogen peroxide fiberglass cleaner which is also safe and doesn’t provide harm.

Can Magic Eraser Be Used on Fiberglass?

Yes, you can use a magic eraser on fiberglass as it is helpful to remove tough stains and debris. Apply the magic eraser cleaner to the stained part and with the help of s sponge, erase the tough stains.

Once you are sure that the cleaner has worked out, use cold water to rinse. You will see noticeable results.

Final Thoughts

Removing the fiberglass shower in the right way is necessary to keep the shower heads shiny and neat.

Soap scum and mineral buildup are common if you do not clean the fiberglass regularly. If the stain becomes hard, it will become challenging to get rid of them.

Spending once a week on shower cleaning won’t be hectic and you will be free from deep cleaning as well. I have made sure to mention all the possible methods so that you can follow any of the mentioned ones.

I hope this article will accommodate you to clean the fiberglass shower in the future.

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