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Infographics are long visualizations that help readers digest a complex problem, situation or data set quickly. Infographics should lead to higher understanding and a more complete grasp of a situation. Homey Improvements doesn’t create infographics (at least not yet) so all the infographics you see on this blog are created and provided by companies or other sites.

If you have an infographic you would like to publish on our blog, please contact diyfolks [@] for information.

Hardwood Flooring Survey [Infographic]

hardwood floors

It’s amazing how changing a certain aspect of a house can make it feel like an entirely new home. Switching out the flooring is a prime example, as the type of flooring you have can drastically change your home’s mood, comfort levels, and ease of upkeep. When deciding which flooring is best for your house (or soon-to-be-house), consider your personal ... Read More »

Construction Safety Infographic

Viewpoint has put together this beautifully designed and thorough infographic about the safety of the construction industry. Take a look and feel free to share (if you embed be sure to cite Viewpoint like I did below). Read More »

5 DIY Home Improvement Projects To Do Now

home improvement

First posts are always tricky on a new blog. I feel like they define the rest of your blog’s life. Maybe I’m over reacting, but I still wanted to share something amazing. I recently stumbled upon this awesome infographic about DIY home improvements and thought it would be a great start to my new blog all about making your house ... Read More »

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