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Infographics are long visualizations that help readers digest a complex problem, situation or data set quickly. Infographics should lead to higher understanding and a more complete grasp of a situation. Homey Improvements doesn’t create infographics (at least not yet) so all the infographics you see on this blog are created and provided by companies or other sites.

If you have an infographic you would like to publish on our blog, please contact diyfolks [@] for information.

How to Declutter Each Room of Your Home

Spring Cleaning Decluttering

Spring Cleaning Time!  I can hardly believe how fast 2015 is going by. I love separating my months into missions. February is tax month but March is spring cleaning month! For those who are so sick of the cold, first day of spring is March 20th which will be here sooner than you realize (hopefully). The first step to our ... Read More »

Fireplaces: The Heart of the Home

heart of the home

I have a personal fetish with fireplaces. So many nostalgic memories of sitting in front of our stone fireplace, curled up and reading a book. The crackle of the fire and the warm rush it brings to your face. But boy have fireplaces changed over the past century! Check out this infographic on the evolution and history of fireplaces. Infographic via: ... Read More »

Cheat Sheet: Best Way to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinet

organize your bathroom

  I’ll be honest. Our bathroom is one horrifying mess. It’s not because we’re messy people though. You see, the bathroom is one of those areas that we haven’t quite renovated yet. Since we would have to pull everything out before we renovate, we thought it would just waste time if we actually tried organizing it before renovating. Having a messy bathroom though ... Read More »

The Top 8 Ways to Create a Sustainable Home

There are many ways to increase the sustainability of a home, some are simple and inexpensive, and others are not so convenient. Take a look at 8 ways to improve the energy efficiency of a house and see if you can implement changes that could save both energy and money. 1 . Lighting: using energy efficient bulbs can reduce the ... Read More »

10 Quick Fixes to Make Around Your House

DIY home projects

Bill Barber, the Managing Director of 1st. In Place Home Inspections Inc, sent over this well-done infographic he created. The graphic covers how to unblock a sink, how to paint a room, tips for changing kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs, and (of course) DIY safety tips. Quick Fixes to Make Around Your Home Infographic by 1st in Place Home Inspections ... Read More »

Protecting Your Home and Loved Ones

family at home

As the head of the house, it’s our job to protect the family. While having money and a roof over our heads is part of that protection, we can often be mislead that we are secure when we are certainly not. And by the time it hits, it’s too late. The window is broken, the jewelry is stolen, your child is ... Read More »

Ultimate Guide to Apple Picking

apple picking

I love apple season. To me, it’s the one good thing about winter coming. Growing up I was allergic to apples (my face would blow up like Will Smith on Hitch). But now as an adult my allergies have changed (I heard they do every eight years or so) and I can now eat that forbidden fruit to the fullest. ... Read More »

QUIZ: What Is Your Backyard Personality?

backyard personality

These days, a backyard is more that just the outdoor space behind your home. Many people are viewing this space as an extension of their indoor living space, transforming it to fit multiple purposes including living room, kitchen, and even movie space. Now a backyard can be more than just a patio set or a swing set, it can be ... Read More »

Free DIY Home Security Guide

DIY home security

Burglaries continue to be a problem in the United States. According to The Ultimate Guide to DIY Home Security, there were more than 2 million burglaries in the U.S. in both 2012 and 2013, with nearly three percent of homes in the country falling prey. Not everyone has the ability to hire a security guard or have a security system installed. ... Read More »

Dare You D.I.Y?

DIY generation

DIY projects aren’t for everyone. Some people prefer to just buy their home decor and get it done with it. So how do you know whether you should DIY a home improvement project or just let the professionals do it? Check out the below infographic for some fun stats about the DIY generation and whether you should that project yourself. Infographic ... Read More »

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