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Infographics are long visualizations that help readers digest a complex problem, situation or data set quickly. Infographics should lead to higher understanding and a more complete grasp of a situation. Homey Improvements doesn’t create infographics (at least not yet) so all the infographics you see on this blog are created and provided by companies or other sites.

If you have an infographic you would like to publish on our blog, please contact diyfolks [@] for information.

How to Winterize Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

As a homeowner, it’s important to take care of your investment. One way to do so is by winterizing your home. Winterizing simply refers to making your home and land ready to handle the cold, snow and ice. Winterizing not only protects your home but it can also help you save money on your energy bill by fixing drafty windows ... Read More »

The Undeniable Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

home construction

When you think of fiber cement siding, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Boards dripping with wet cement? Gray, unappealing textures? Perhaps even thoughts about how it can’t possibly be environmentally friendly? None of this could be further from the truth! The fact is that fiber cement siding has tons of benefits, both wallet-friendly and environmentally favorable! ... Read More »

How to Care for Roses

how to care for your rose bush

Roses have an unwarranted reputation as being picky flowers. Some gardeners who have always admired roses have avoided planting them because they hear that roses are too hard to grow. The truth is roses can be just as easy as any other flower as long as you know how to care for them. Check out the information below to get ... Read More »

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Their Roof


I bet you don’t look at your roof often. It sits above you, out of sight out of mind. There are some important things every homeowner should know about their roof. Understanding the way our roofs function and the materials used for roofing is a great way to help ensure that the roof on our home stays well-maintained and help ... Read More »

11 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

ROI of remodeling

A few weeks ago we published a post about how to build a conservatory yourself. Turns out, adding a conservatory to your home can add up to 108% ROI. While the numbers are in Euros, below is an infographic by Meadow Hill Conservatories that outlines the top 11 ways to add value to your home. Read More »

7 Backyard Pond Essentials

how to take care of a pond

Before you create your backyard pond you will want to make sure you have the essentials. Backyard ponds do not run themselves, they require regular maintenance from the owner. Different pieces of equipment will be needed to ensure the health and longevity of your pond. Some of the essentials we will discuss in this infographic include: Pond liner Pond underlayment ... Read More »

How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring Planting

how to prepare your garden for spring planting

Spring is in the air! I’ve been itching all winter to start our organic garden this year. We plan on incorporating hugelkultur beds and try to develop a primitive irrigation system (or at least attempt to figure it out so we can do it next year). I’ll be writing about our garden’s development on GRIT. But enough about our garden, ... Read More »

Spring Home Inspection Checklist

spring home inspection checklist

While my wife does the Spring Cleaning, I take the time to do more of the home inspection and improvement (at least that’s what I say I’m doing…jk). Houses take on quite a hit during winter and it’s important to check critical areas around the home that could be damaged and cause a hazard. This includes the roof, windows and ... Read More »

How to Remove Permanent Marker from Everything

Kids, you’ve got to love them. But apparently they love to draw on walls with permanent marker more than they love you. Okay, so it might not always be kids. Maybe you accidentally got permanent marker on your phone…or a table…or the couch. Sometimes, it just slips. But for those times, here’s an infographic to tell you how to remove permanent marker ... Read More »

What To Do with Old Appliances

old appliance recycling

It’s easy to take our appliances for granted, at least until the day they stop working. Unfortunately, that day often comes sooner than we’d like and we’re forced to decide how — not to mention if — we should make a repair. As more and more people opt to trash their appliance rather than keep it running, landfills across the ... Read More »

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