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Tips, tricks, hacks– those are my middle names. If there’s a way to do it easier, faster or cheaper I will find it and then I’ll share it with you.

In this section, we’ll go over some common decorating tips and home improvement hacks to help you live your homey lives to the fullest.

You also might find a few odds and ends posts in this section since if I don’t know which category to put a post in it will end up in here.

3 Tips to Prepare Your Home’s Exterior For Fall and Winter

fall home

With beautiful fall colors and cooler temperatures in our midst, it can be easy to get caught up in the beauty of the coming holiday seasons and forget about some of the essentials around your home.  As a homeowner, you may not have thought about how all of this lively and bustling beauty could wreak havoc on your home. Not ... Read More »

From Drab to Fab: Easy Updates For The Garage


When someone says , “home improvement,” you probably think of replacing the cabinets in your kitchen, or the carpet in the bedrooms. However, very few people think about investing in improvements for their garage. In fact, the garage may be the most frequently overlooked room in the home, even though it functions as a home for your most expensive item, ... Read More »

20 Tips to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

clean the kitchen

The kitchen is, quite often, the hub of the home. Unfortunately, it also tends to be a hub for dirt, grease, slime, crumbs, particles and germs. Cleaning the kitchen can seem overwhelming at times, especially if the dirt has built up over time and across various surfaces and appliances. Heck, it can seem daunting even if it is a regular, ... Read More »

The 10 Biggest Landscaping Don’ts

landscaping dos

There’s something to be said about a well-maintained lawn and an alluring garden. For starters, the property instantly communicates that there has been considerable TLC put into the establishment. By showing a little initiative and being willing to invest enough time, you can improve the aesthetics of any property. Even if you don’t have the proper tools at your disposal, ... Read More »

4 Small Changes to Give Your Home a New Look


With a new house, it’s not always easy to make all the changes you might like to with a baby and a husband to take care of. Especially when you take into consideration that the child (and possibly the adults) are likely to smear stickers, paint and who-knows-what all over the place at some point. It stands to reason that ... Read More »

How to Grow and Care For an Indoor Herb Garden

herb garden

I absolutely love cooking with herbs. It is my favorite way to add new flavors to a dish, but it can get to be expensive buying fresh herbs in the grocery store. Even though I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on groceries, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice those wonderful flavors that my favorite herbs provided. So, ... Read More »

3 Plumbing Issues You Can Fix at Home

plumbing issues

Believe it or not, you don’t need to keep your plumber on speed dial for every minor drain problem you encounter over the course of owning your home. For the run of the mill clog or leak, it may actually be better to fix it yourself – not only will it be cheaper, but you’ll be able to respond immediately ... Read More »

Tips on Landscaping Lights to Match the Roof Paint


You’ve gone an extra mile to make your house and yard appear world-class. But why let all your hard work and endeavor fade away at dusk. While many of us think this can be avoided by a simple flick of light, try matching the colour of the roof paint and the lights you choose for garden landscaping and see the ... Read More »

Big Event Coming Up? Get Your Sofas Cleaned

Getting sofas cleaned before a big event3

When hosting parties and events in your home, it is not unusual to have a last minute panic of the state of the furniture. If the upholstery has a few stains or marks, where will your guests sit? Will they notice? Unlike simply living in a home, hosting an event there can lead you to turn a critical eye over ... Read More »

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