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These blog posts will guide you on how to decorate a new home and decorating tips.

So many options. Sometimes I wish I didn’t care as much about interior decorating. My perfectionism tends to kill creativity. I am by no means an expert interior designer. I won’t even say I’m very good at it. But by writing my experiences with DIY home decor I hope to spark some ideas for you. And, of course, share what not to do as many of my posts are born from mistakes.

Since we are tight on money, in this section you’ll find home decor ideas on a budget. If you have a project you would like to share with my readers, please email me at diyfolks [@]


Creating the Perfect Bathroom for Him


You may think that for a man, the bathroom is just a functionary room. A means to an end. Somewhere just to “go”, and to clean. But you may be surprised that some, most, or if not all men want a few creature comforts in the bathroom, just to make the room feel a little more comfortable. Here are five ... Read More »

2015 Best Interior Design Trends

Lions Den Office - Ali

Check out these 2015 interior design trends to help you get started on your home decor or remodel. Colours As far as colours go in 2015, there is one consistent thread – dark blues are set to become the dominant choice. Specifically, navy has been tipped to be the colour of choice for a range of things. Wallpapers, furniture, carpets ... Read More »

11 Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces


Hello there!  Very thrilled to be here sharing something to inspire you for Thanksgiving!  Thank you, Ali.  But first let me tell you a little bit about me & my blog.     My name is Rea from HomeFor4SweetHome. I’m married to this amazing man that makes me laugh until I cry & a mom of two (6-yr old boy & ... Read More »

Easy Ways to Display Your Collectibles


Hey there! Ali here with a great article of some of my favorite ways to display your collectibles. After going through my house and looking at all of the “collections” I’ve started, I have to say that I may have a bit of a problem. Over the years, my husband and I have managed to collect anything and everything from ... Read More »

Decorate Your Bathroom On A Budget


Have you been noticing recently just how dull your bathroom looks? Maybe it’s that grime in between your tiles, or the paint that’s peeling off the walls? Whatever it may be, you no longer have to procrastinate in redecorating your bathroom because of the daunting financial process you expect it to be. Instead we have some tips for you to ... Read More »

5 Awesome Patio Items You Need This Summer

patio by ForeverGreen2010

It seems like it takes forever for winter to disappear so that you can pull out the patio furniture and dust it off for a long, comfortable summer of entertaining and enjoying the outdoors, but patio weather is rapidly approaching! There is nothing like filling a tall glass with cold iced tea and stepping out the back door to a ... Read More »

Patio Tiles: Tips for Getting Most Effective Results

floor tiles

Cleaning your tiles is an important part of your overall house maintenance. Whether dealing with bathroom tiles or patio tiles, it is important to give your surface a thorough and effective clean-up as doing so will not only leave the surface clean but also prolong the lifespan of your tiles. Regular cleaning is necessary for the maintenance of your patio ... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Comforter [A Buying Guide]


The moment you think of a bedroom, the first thing that pop-up in your mind is comfort! Imagine a bedroom with a rough and harsh bed cover! You would never like to sleep on that bed. Hence, a comforter becomes essential linen for your bedding. You come to your bedroom- to sleep or just to relax but on the same ... Read More »

Small Space, Big Style: Five Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Larger

interior design

Not all living spaces feature sprawling common areas. This may be unfortunate if your small space happens to be your living room, which often becomes the heart of the home, not to mention your family’s favorite hang-out spot. The good news is that there are several space-saving solutions and tricks to make your tiny den seem as large as possible. ... Read More »

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