What to Consider When Building A Granny Flat

What to Consider When Building A Granny Flat

Over the last years, a larger number of people have considered adding a granny flat to their property. These self-contained living areas located on the grounds of a single-family home provide the so much needed extra accommodation to families with aging parents, permanent caregivers or young adults without having to compromise comfort or privacy.

Granny flats can be independent or somewhat attached to the main property and can be really useful for those who need to accommodate extended families or who need extra space to pursue a hobby or to work from home without being disturbed.

If you have been playing with the idea of undergoing this kind of home addition, there are some key aspects you should take into consideration in order to ensure that the whole building process runs as smoothly as possible:

Choose The Granny Flat Builder Wisely

Not all home builders and contractors are created equal. With the current buzz around granny flats, the offer of builders that allege to be experts in this kind of home additions has escalated dramatically. However, not all of them are true professionals or are knowledgeable about what can be built according to the local zoning situation and the space available.

Only professional granny flat builders are able to assess the type of granny flat that best suits your needs, is appropriate for the suburb you live in, and that matches the design of the main property best. It is highly advisable that the professional you choose has already worked in other home addition projects in your area as it gives you the chance to talk to previous clients about their experience, see the results achieved and ask them for their opinion.

Who Will Be Using the Granny Flat?

Whether you are planning this home addition because you’re bringing your parents to live with you or you want to help your recently graduated son have his own space now he’s left University or you are thinking about renting it to strangers to make some extra money, having a clear idea of who will be using the granny flat is essential in order to decide how much space you will need and what facilities you should consider.

For instance, your parents or your son don’t need a fully equipped kitchen as they can easily use the one that belongs to the main property. However, it would be awkward for a total stranger to do the same thing.

In other words, depending on who will be using this home addition there are different aspects you’ll need to consider: plumbing installation, access to the additional unit, and so on.

What Kind of Building Permits Do You Need? What Limitations May You Find?

Building experts can instruct you on the different building permits you may need to request to the local or state authorities and even help you out with the whole process. In the same way, they can also inform you on any building restrictions or limitations you may need to respect to make sure that your new property addition is built within the law.

Wastewater Management

Making sure that the exterior design of the granny flat matches the one of the main property is not the only thing you should worry about (and the builders should take care about). It is equally important to ensure that any wastewater from the kitchen or bathroom in the granny flat is managed properly so that neither you nor your neighbors are affected.

Professional builders will evaluate your draining system to make sure it will be able to cope with the extra wastewater efficiently.

As it can be appreciated, adding a granny flat to your property can be one of the most advantageous home additions you can invest in. However, it is important to make sure that you hire experienced local contractors and builders that can help you with throughout the building process and ensure that you take into consideration all of the important aspects included in this article.

Author: Mariana Sarceda is a freelance professional writer who loves reading about home décor, home improvement and interior design. She’s passionate about writing and loves to make sure her home is her palace.


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  1. Considering who will be using the granny flat is really helping us decide what is essential to our new home addition. My parents are planning on just having my grandma use the extra part of the home. We are moving her up to our home so that she isn’t as lonely which means she will probably eat with us normally. On the other hand she likes being independent. Maybe it would be good to add a small kitchen so that she can feel free to stay in her granny flat if she wants. Thank you for posting this it will help us build this part of our home!

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