Big Event Coming Up? Get Your Sofas Cleaned

Big Event Coming Up? Get Your Sofas Cleaned

Getting sofas cleaned before a big eventWhen hosting parties and events in your home, it is not unusual to have a last minute panic of the state of the furniture. If the upholstery has a few stains or marks, where will your guests sit? Will they notice? Unlike simply living in a home, hosting an event there can lead you to turn a critical eye over every aspect of the property, from the cleanliness of the carpets to how well washed the windows are. As such, finding the best way to get your sofas cleaned can be an important consideration. So whether you are planning for a big party or just hoping to have a few people come around, getting your sofas cleaned in the best possible manner can quickly become a big concern.

One of the best ways in which to deal with kind of problem, and perhaps the most common, is to simply use throws and blankets to cover the furniture. This can be done during or before the event. If done before, you can make sure that your sofa is kept as clean as possible during day to day use, with any marks or stains being left on the blanket rather than the cushions. It can also make cleaning a great deal simpler, with the blanket being thrown into a washing machine rather than having to attend to the various cushion cases and so forth. If your sofa has been exposed in the run up to the event, however, a carefully placed blanket can be the ideal way to cover up any marks and stains which you have just not been able to shift, either because of difficulty or time.

Getting sofas cleanedIf you are looking to remove simple dirt from a sofa, the best way can be to use a simple dry brush. Using dry and stiff bristles moved gently across a mark, a sofa can quickly be rid of mud and dirt which has built up. Whether it was from an adventurous dog or an unaware child, finding dirt marks on the furniture is not uncommon, so few quick minutes with the brush can quickly rid you of those dry dirt marks. It might be that the sofa will need further attention, depending on how long the mark has been there, but this should be the first step. A vacuum cleaner can also be employed to rid upholstery of the build-up of crumbs and dust, without requiring too much expertise in order to get great results.

When you have marks which will not be shifted with a brush or a vacuum, it might be that you have to take a more drastic measure. Simple sofa cleaning can be accomplished using a wet cloth and the correct soap. Which soap or cleaning solution you will require will likely depend on the type of fabric which makes up the cushions. A trip to your local supermarket should be able to furnish you with the right supplies, with products for cotton, leather and other materials on offer. Using specialized stain removals products can help to shift wine or trickier stains, though this will likely take longer.

Depending on the amount of time before your party, as well as the importance of the event in question, it might be that you need to consider hiring professional help from a company like Kensington office cleaning. When it comes to getting the best in upholstery cleaning solutions quickly, many turn to a dedicated professional. This can mean that you free up more time to focus on other aspects of party planning while a professional takes care of your upholstery, giving you a quick and stress free solution.

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