12 Best Vacuum for High Pile Carpet to Consider in 2023

12 Best Vacuum for High Pile Carpet

Carpets are available in different shapes and structures. High pile or thick carpets looks fantastic in any living room but are difficult to clean without the best vacuum for high pile carpet.

Many dirt particles and pet hair are hidden inside these luxurious rugs and are difficult to eliminate. A top-rated vacuum cleaner for high pile carpet will effectively remove these carpets’ stains.

An ideal high pile carpet cleaner should contain a turbo brush, but you also need to take care of the fabric of your favorite carpet. Some low-cost vacuum cleaners with stiff brush roll may damage your carpet fibers.

To ease your stress, our expert team has tested top-rated machines in the current industry and confirmed a list of the best vacuums for thick carpets offering best results.

Our Top Picks

Must read this informative guide completely to choose a perfect cleaning tool for your home.

Types of High Pile Vacuums

The vacuum cleaners for high pile carpets are available in 5 different types. Each category has its own benefits and characteristics. You have to match the type of vacuum cleaner with the needs of your high pile carpets.

high pile carpet vacuum

Most homeowners never evaluate their cleaning requirements and bring any attractive vacuums; if you follow this approach here, it will ruin your expensive rug.

So, it would help if you integrate your cleaning needs with the types of these high pile vacuums.

Let’s me give you a short overview of all these types:

  1. Upright Vacuums

    The most common type of vacuum cleaner is the upright vacuum. These vacuums may contain less suction power but are really good for high pile carpets. This type is available in corded and cordless models.

    Upright Vacuums

    They are easy to maneuver and an affordable option for homeowners. The pro cleaners recommended upright vacuum cleaners for both soft carpets and hard floors. This cleaning versatility makes it more valuable in every home.

  2. Canister Vacuums

    This vacuum cleaner has a dust container and motor but a smaller cleaning head with a slim wand.

    This formation provides greater flexibility to this cleaning machine that it can easily reach underneath any furniture and other hard-to-reach areas.

    Canister Vacuums

    Most of the models of canister vacuums are available in corded form.

  3. Stick Vacuums

    You can also purchase stick vacuums if you want to get an easy-moving machine for routine clean-up. They are incredibly lightweight and have tall stick-like handles, which are really easy to maneuver.

    Stick Vacuums

    It is the least powerful of all types of vacuum cleaners but is a multi-surface cleaner. So, you can say stick vacuums are also recommended for high pile carpets.

  4. Handheld Vacuums

    Another highly portable cleaning machine is a handheld vacuum cleaner. It treats only minor messes on countertops, dirt from tables, or car interiors.

    Handheld Vacuums

    You can also use handheld vacuums on thick carpets. If you think it is a smaller cleaning gadget for the entire carpeted room, you can only remove spot stains or clean only specific areas of a carpet.

  5. Robot Vacuums

    Finally, you can also trust robot vacuum cleaners. Very few products are available in this type designed explicitly for high pile carpets. These explicit models contain large wheels.
    Robot Vacuums

    There is an auto-adjust height feature in modern types of robot vacuums that can convert their wheel’s height according to the length of piles of the carpet.

12 Best Vacuums Reviews

In the carpeting world, you can choose stick vacuums for thick carpets. We have closely monitored the customer reviews, product descriptions, and special features of top industrial vacuum cleaners for high pile rugs.

Moreover, our two-week research enables us to create a list of the best vacuum for high pile carpets. You can compare these products according to these important aspects and your cleaning needs.

It will ease your job of choosing a perfect vacuum for high pile upholstery. Here you will find a detailed review of our top picks; you must read this informative review of each product:

1. Yeedi Vac Station and Mop

Just get this robot from your home and forget the older ways of cleaning. This robot vacuum gives you a modern form of cleaning for plush carpets.

You will get superb maneuverability with the easy handling of messes, making it a great cleaning option for most homeowners. The vacuum reviews of this yeedi model are incredibly high.

Yeedi Vac Station and Mop

  • Non-Stop Cleaning: You will get almost 200 minutes of cleaning, which is higher than other robotic cleaners. It will easily manage all your cleaning tasks in a single charge.
  • Great for Plush Carpets: If you have installed any luxurious or plush form of carpet, you must have this Yeedi Vacuum Station in your home to tackle all messes on this carpet.

It is an excellent utility for families having kids or pets. The self-emptying feature increases its value for many homeowners. It performs incredibly well on bare floors as well.

If you have hard floors plus some areas with thicker carpets, then Yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum is ideal. This 2-in-1 robot cleaning tool ensures vacuuming and mopping simultaneously with extendable runtime of 200 minutes.

If you have a large house cleaning area, this vacuum cleaner helps you and efficiently cleans the whole house.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type Robot
Specific Usage Hard Floors, Carpet
Cord Reach Not Applicable, Robot
Color White
Weight 25.3 Pounds
Brand Yeeti


  • Self-empty station
  • Main brush
  • Water tank
  • Side brush
  • Mopping modular
  • User guide


  • Self-Empty: You will get 30 days of cleaning with its self-empty feature. Never think about clearing the messy things from their dustbin. The sealing design holds the dirt for more than 30 days.
  • Higher Runtime: You can schedule your cleaning program for up to 200 minutes with this robot vacuum. This time is enough to complete all cleaning tasks for a whole week.
  • Great on Bare Floors: These robot vacuums are the best on bare floors. It can easily pick pet hair and tiny dirt particles from hard floors efficiently. This pet power brush is ideal for such surfaces.


  • Extra Cleaning of its Parts: Many attachments of this cleaning product need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Many homeowners consider it a tremendous headache to clean these parts.

2. Lightweight Cordless Vacuum by Simplicity

Here comes my favorite carpet pile cleaner manufactured by Simplicity brand. This cordless stick vacuum can reach tight corners with a single click.

The two-speed setup with excellent suction power impresses me a lot. You can easily convert this vacuum cleaner into a handheld vacuum. It can work as a dusting brush for your kitchen shelves and windows.

Lightweight Cordless Vacuum by Simplicity

  • Easy to Maneuver: The cordless and lightweight nature of this Simplicity model provides you with comfortable maneuverability.
  • Economical Vacuum: When you compare the price of this vacuum cleaner with its functions, you will surely impress with this cleaning unit.

The LED headlights of this upholstery tool allow you to do a routine cleaning session anytime in your home. If you have corner-to-corner carpet living rooms, its crevice tool helps you clear all hidden dirt particles from tight corners.

The storage docking station organizes all the components of this tool in one spot. You never need any further assembly with this stick vacuum.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type Stick / Handheld
Specific Usage Hard Floors, Carpet
Cord Reach Not Applicable, Cordless
Color White & Black
Weight 6 Pounds
Brand Simplicity


  • Dusting brush combo with a crevice tool
  • LED light nozzle for high pile carpet
  • Battery charger with charging stand
  • HEPA media filter
  • Storage wall mount
  • Storage station


  • Two-Speed Modes: You just need to press a single button to convert this gear from high to low speed. If you feel any tougher mess on the way, just convert to a lower rate so that it pickup every element of the mess.
  • Dusting Brush: The brush makes this portable vacuum multifunctional. You can also do spot cleaning on your expensive rugs with these brushes. It’s a great thing to eliminate hidden stains from your thick carpets.
  • Lightweight: The total weight of this vacuum cleaner is just 6 pounds. You can even carry it around on carpeted stairs and other small rug areas. In long cleaning sessions, you will never feel any tiredness with this upholstery tool.


  • Less Durable: Although this vacuum cleaner is preferred on many robot vacuums and gives you the best cleaning results, most customers are worried about its durability. They feel that it might be broken quickly or after any heavier usage.

3. Dyson v15 Detect Vacuum

This cordless stick vacuum is an extremely intelligent tool to clean all types of debris and pet hair on all surfaces. This vacuum cleaner can automatically adjust the strong suction power according to the kind of dirt.

The washable HEPA filter and bagless vacuum setup of this upright vacuum forced me to purchase this cleaning tool.

Dyson v15 Detect Vacuum

  • Ideal for Thicker Rugs: If you have thicker carpets in your living space, you can trust the Dyson v15 model for effective cleaning.
  • Multifunctional Vacuum: You can easily switch from a stick vacuum to a short handheld vacuum without delay. This easy conversion makes it multifunctional and cleaner.

You can quickly transform it into a handheld vacuum to treat dirt particles hidden in tight spaces. A wide range of additional tools and attachments are available with this best vacuum for high pile carpets.

You can use a turbo brush to trap dust and pet hair from a soft rug. Any plush carpet area can also be cleaned with a Dyson V15 pet power brush.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type Stick / Handheld
Specific Usage Hard Floors, Carpet
Cord Reach Not Applicable, Cordless
Color Purple, Silver
Weight 1.9 Pounds
Brand Dyson


  • Laser Slim Fully Head
  • 1 x Battery
  • Wand clip
  • Crevice Tool
  • Docking Station
  • Installation Manual
  • Charging Cable


  • Quick Conversion: If you want to clean the stair rug area, you can quickly transform it into a handheld vacuum. There is no need to take any installation kit or complex tool. Just transform it within seconds according to your cleaning needs.
  • Auto Power Adjustment: This tool will be great if you clean high pile carpets and are unsure of hidden messes on the rug. The Dyson V15 detects the type of debris and automatically adjusts its power according to the size of that stain.
  • Ideal for Pet Hair: The turbo soft dusting brush can wrap every pet hair from your high pile rug or shag carpet. The cleaning power of this turbo brush adds excellent value to this product.


  • Maintenance Required: If you want to carry this cleaning tool in the longer run, the device demands regular maintenance. It will increase its cost as compared to any durable vacuum cleaner.

4. Kenmore Intuition Bagged Upright Vacuum

I am really impressed with the lift-up technology and its push to reach the button of dirt collection vacuum bags. You will never feel any dust bomb or similar disgusting thing while clearing its HEPA filter bag.

The easy lift-up setup makes this vacuum cleaner multifunctional. Most home cleaners prefer handheld vacuums.

The dust particles can be removed easily from any thick pile carpet from this vacuuming product of the Kenmore brand.

Try this vacuum cleaner if you have pets in your home and are worried about pet hair and stubborn dirt. This bagged vacuum performs well if you vacuum high pile carpets or any shag carpet.

You will get consistent cleaning performance with this tool without any tiredness. However, it looks bulky in size but is lightweight.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type Upright
Specific Usage Hardwood Floors, Carpet
Cord Reach 30 ft
Color Green & Silver
Weight 14 Pounds
Brand Kenmore


  • Vacuum body
  • Vacuum head/nozzle
  • Wang
  • Bag Compartment door
  • Post-motor HEPA filter
  • 6 x Dirtbag
  • Dusting brush
  • 3-in-1 combination tool
  • User guide


  • Disposable Dirtbag: The disposable dirtbag makes this vacuum cleaner really unique and valuable. You can remove the dust bag with a single click and start a new cleaning session within minutes.
  • Compact Design: The overall design of this vacuum cleaner is gorgeous in look. It is so compact that you feel it will last for 10 years or a lifetime.
  • High-grade Filtration System: The HEPA filtration system is sealed; even if you remove the dust collection bag in your living room or kitchen, you never smell anything dusty inside your home.
  • Moreover, you will get 99.9% dirt removing assurance from this cleaning tool. The brand is also offering 5 years warranty for this robust filtration system.


  • Costly Product: If you start comparing its price with the other best vacuum for high pile carpets, you may feel disappointed with its price. It is a bit higher in price with limited cleaning options.

5. Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Upright Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner’s larger dust capacity and LED headlight on its nozzle are more powerful. You can also trust this cleaning product of the Shark brand because of its lift-away technology.

If you have pets in your home, you must bring this shark vacuum cleaner. It will efficiently remove pet hair from high pile carpets without any doubt.

Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Upright Cleaner

  • Sealed System: This Shark vacuum cleaner is a completely sealed system that gives you anti-allergen and fresh airflow in your living space.
  • Bonus Attachments: This cleaning unit will get extra upholstery, crevice, and a power brush. These additional gears make this machine affordable.

Many customers apply this cleaner to their dusty curtains and fabrics for a soft clean-up session.

The completely sealed system makes this machine anti-allergen. The dust cup can store a massive amount of dirt and stains, and its HEPA filter purifies your living environment.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type Upright, Handheld
Specific Usage Hard Floors, Carpet
Cord Reach Not listed
Color Red & Silver
Weight 15.4 Pounds
Brand Shark


  • Power Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Upholstery Tool


  • Large Dust Cup: The larger capacity of its dust bag force many customers to purchase this cleaning product. It provides an effective cleaning mechanism without eliminating messes daily.
  • Sealed Air Exhaust: This cleaning tool of the Shark brand never floats any dust in the environment; in fact, the HEPA filter helps you clear all dirt particles from the air. Impressive Option!
  • Great Maneuverability: This vacuum cleaner’s advanced swivel steering feature allows you to maneuver easily in all directions. You can even remove any stain underneath the furniture and tight corners of your high pile carpet with super results.


  • Poor Quality of Nozzle: The additional nozzle of the Shark vacuum cleaner may disappoint you. Many customers are complaining that this nozzle is stuck into deep carpets.

6. Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pet Bagless Vacuum

If you are looking for an electric corded vacuum cleaner, you can go for Hoover WindTunnel bagless vacuum cleaner. The power motor of 1440 watts with powerful suction ability will stop your eyes on this cleaning gadget.

You will get 2x faster cleaning with this best vacuum for high pile carpet without passing over to the same cleaning area multiple times.

Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pet Bagless Vacuum

  • Valuable Cleaning Tool: The ability of this electric vacuum cleaner of the Hoover brand is multifunctional. You can do all types of cleaning jobs with this single machine.
  • Quality Performance: The performance of this cleaning tool is top quality, especially for high pile carpets. For this reason, this model is the top-selling product of the Hoover brand.

If you notice the cleaning heads of this hoover vacuum cleaner brand, you may feel disheartened, but the variety of its narrow parts may impress you.

It is a bagless upright vacuum that removes all types of debris and stains from the surface in one go. The wand of this hoover vacuum gives you the luxury to reach up to 15 feet.

The pivoting dusting gears can clean above shelves or ceiling fans easily.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type Upright, Handheld
Specific Usage Carpets, Stairs, Tile, Vinyl, and Laminate Floors
Cord Reach 15 Feet
Color Red & Black
Weight 18.1 Pounds
Brand Hoover


  • Power Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Bottom Release Dust Cup
  • LED Headlight
  • Pet Turbo Tool
  • Rinse Filter


  • Long Power Cord: You never need to plug or unplug this electric cord from one room to another. The power cord is 40 feet long and gives you the freedom to clean the entire home without re-plugging its power cord.
  • Bottom Release Dust Cup: The bottom release dust cup is so easy to operate. You can even clear it in your living area because it is never explored at any stage.
  • Versatile Cleaning Tool: This multifunctional cleaning tool helps you out on every surface. Trust this product whether you have a laminate flooring option or want to clean a high pile carpet area.


  • Heavy Machine: This bulky cleaning tool is extremely heavy. You need to push it a bit harder than other vacuum cleaners.

7. Kenmore DU2012 Bagless Upright Vacuum

Another powerful home cleaner product of the Kenmore brand is its bagless upright vacuum. You can treat all types of debris with this upright vacuum cleaner.

It can easily clean carpets, hard floors, stairs, and many other surfaces. This upholstery tool contains brush rolls of two different types for thorough cleaning to shag carpets.

Kenmore DU2012 Bagless Upright Vacuum

  • Popular Product: Most sensible homeowners prefer and trust this Kenmore vacuum featuring a multi-surface cleaning facility.
  • Above Floor Cleaning: The ten inches extended wand is detachable from the machine and gives you all types of above-flooring cleaning without difficulty.

You can move around the corners of your carpeted floors or move on top of the furniture to remove older debris with its brush roll. The hose reach is also surprisingly 10 feet long with easy grip.

The swivel steering system allows you to maneuver this canister vacuum cleaner on the plush carpet. The sealed air path and removal of 99.9% of dirt with its locking system make this cleaning tool special for all types of cleaning needs.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type Upright
Specific Usage Hard Floors, Carpets
Cord Reach 10 Feet
Color Green & Silver
Weight 16 Pounds
Brand Kenmore


  • Power Brush Roll
  • Crevice Tool
  • HEPA Filter
  • Upholstery Brush


  • Filtration System: It is a completed sealed vacuum cleaner, and its HEPA filters make it more robust. You will never feel any dirt particles in the air path. This allergen seal makes your environment dust-free.
  • Lightweight Design: This cleaning tool looks a bit bulky with 16 pounds total weight but is extremely easy to maneuver. The swivel steering feature will make it more comfortable to move around.
  • Reliable Brand: Kenmore is always a reliable brand for most of its cleaning products. This bagless upright vacuum product is also the choice of Amazon, and most sensible customers are trusted with this model.


  • Less Flexible Hose: The only drawback I have noticed in this cleaning product is its hose flexibility. It is pretty hard to move this hose because of less flexibility.

8. Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum

Eureka brand has taken care of your time and offered you the easiest assembly vacuum cleaner for all homeowners for over 100 years. The brand delivers complete home cleaning solutions in upright, stick, and canister vacuum products.

The powerful motor of the Eureka PowerSpeed model gives you the luxury to do a deep cleaning session on thick rug areas and hard floors. It is pretty easy to carry throughout your living rooms.

Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum

  • Fully Assembled Vacuum: You never need any assembly for this cleaning tool. It is a fully ready product, and you can use it straight out of its box.
  • Huge Dirtbin: The dustbin capacity of this vacuum cleaner is enough to clean all high pile rug areas in your home without any breaks.

The quick-release handle does not dissatisfy you while removing debris from walls and curtains. You will get 6 height adjustments that can work well on shag carpet.

The eureka brand’s 7-inch long crevice tool and brush roll are also very impressive. Overall it is a complete high pile vacuum to treat dirt canisters with better power suction ability.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type Upright
Specific Usage Hard Floors, Carpet
Cord Reach 7 Feet
Color Blue & Silver
Weight 10 Pounds
Brand Eureka


  • Dusting BeaBrush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Owner’s Manual


  • Economical Gadget: This cleaning product won’t break your banks as it is an inexpensive vacuum cleaner. You can compare its price with other brands in this list.
  • Larger Dustbin Capacity: The dustbin capacity of this cleaning product is on the higher side. The XL dust cup of Eureka vacuums for the high pile is enough for cleaning the entire thick rug area in your home.
  • No Tools Needed: To assemble and maintain these high pile vacuums, you never need any complex tools. It only takes 2 minutes to assemble all the attachments in the correct order.


  • Short Hose: The handle of this canister vacuum cleaner is shorter in length. You can treat rug stairs or any nearby area on walls or curtains. It is hard to approach those areas far enough from the best vacuums.

9. Dyson Ball Multi Floor Origin Vacuum

Have a closer look at another Dyson pile carpet cleaner! This cleaning tool can automatically adjust its head according to the surface type.

The bristles of its brush roll are quite stiff to penetrate tougher stains on hard floors and spills inside carpet fibers. This upholstery tool can make your life easier for high pile and soft carpet areas.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Origin Vacuum

  • Ball Swivel: A ball is used in this vacuum's cleaning head for easy maneuverability. This feature allows you to tackle all tiny particles and dust from high pile carpets.
  • Self-Adjusting Cleaner: This cleaner's self-adjusting head gives you the luxury of cleaning high-pile rugs or hard floors without manual conversion.

This Dyson product is popular with ‘ball’ because it uses ball technology for comfortable steering maneuverability even on low pile carpets.

If you finish your routine cleaning job, you don’t need to worry about emptying its dustbin. A single push button allows these dustbins to clean it without any dust bomb.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type Upright
Specific Usage Hard Floors, Carpet
Cord Reach 7 Feet
Color Pink & Silver
Weight 17.37 Pounds
Brand Dyson


  • Beater Brush Roll
  • Crevice Tool
  • User Guide


  • Dual Action: This vacuum cleaning tool automatically transforms its state from plush carpets to hard floors. This fantastic feature will definitely force you to bring this best vacuum for high pile carpet to your home.
  • Powerful Suction: The suction power of this Dyson model is ideal because of cyclonic suction technology. It captures the dirt with its self-adjusting head from any type of rug and most customers love this powerful suction feature of this Dyson brand.
  • Ball Swivel: The structure of the cleaning head is a bit different from this upholstery tool. Dyson Ball upright vacuums your surface with the ball swivel technique, allowing the cleaning head to trap all tiny dirt particles efficiently.


  • Corded Only: This cleaning tool is available in cord form only and can’t convert into cordless vacuums. Many customers avoid this gadget because of this limit.

10. BISSELL CleanView Bagless Vacuum

Bissell is always available on any cleaning list! Its powerful bagless upholstery tool can clean any type of surface in the first pass.

The turbo brush, extension wand, and brush roll are superb attachments to clean high pile rugs with these best vacuums. This dirt tank is also easy to clean, and the whole machine filtration system is washable.

BISSELL CleanView Bagless Vacuum

  • Easy to Use: The easy maneuverability of this cleaner gives you edge-to-edge cleaning on any type of floor surface, especially on softer rugs.
  • Washable Filters: Another great advantage of this cleaner is that the filters are washable, and you never need to purchase extra filters with this machine.

The suction power settings also look impressive on this cleaning tool. The allergen system of the Bissell brand is always quite popular because it uses SmartSeal technology to make the environment dust-free.

You can lift pet hair from any type of shag carpet, and it is the only vacuum cleaner or pet power brush that can capture scattered dust particles in one pass.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type Upright
Specific Usage Hard Floors, Carpet
Cord Reach 7 Feet
Color Black & Orange
Weight 12.5 Pounds
Brand Bissell


  • Brush Roll
  • Crevice Tool


  • Comfortable Steering: The movement of Bissell CleanView vacuum is excellent on pile carpet as well. It is as soft as you are maneuvering it on any hard floor.
  • Economical Product: You might be amused to see the price of this bagless vacuuming tool. It is available for under 100$, which allows you to purchase extra filters and belts with the remaining amount.
  • Great for Pets: As we all know, the Bissell brand helps homeless pets, and its foundation gets revenue from every sale. This model is a proud product because it effectively removes pet odors and other messes.


  • Shorter Life Span: This cleaning tool of the Bissell brand is budget-friendly, but the life span is also short. It is not as durable a cleaning product as other models of Bissell.

11. Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Introducing sonic cleaning carpet technology designed explicitly for plush carpets and high pile carpets!

The SoniClean brand offers premium services to care for your luxurious floors, and its cleaning products for soft carpet areas are pretty popular throughout the globe.

Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

  • Innovative Cleaning Unit: The digital control panel and adjustable vent system make this machine unique from other best vacuums for high pile carpets.
  • Sonic Cleaning Technology: The sonic bar of its roller brush can produce 200 vibrations per second, trapping all types of stains and messes easily.

The cleaning performance of this tool is high class. It can penetrate any surface with 200 vibrations per second and loosen up all types of dust particles from high pile carpet surfaces.

This cleaning tool itself is so lightweight that you can maneuver it all day without any trouble. The power cord is also long enough to clean multiple rooms without a machine. The digital control panel makes all operations easy for the owners.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type Upright
Specific Usage Hard Floors, Carpet
Cord Reach 35 Feet
Color Black
Weight 10.5 Pounds
Brand SoniClean


  • Brush Roll
  • HEPA Filter


  • Jam Protection: The advanced jam protection of SoniClean models is quite a unique option here. It will indicate any jam in the brush area, which increases the life span of its belt and vacuum motor.
  • Hygienic Environment: You will feel some scent after every cleaning session with the SoniClean tool. It can efficiently clean all floors with 99.97% cleaning results and improve your living room environment.
  • Best Recommendations: This cleaning tool is highly recommended by professional cleaners and other leading carpet manufacturers. The positive reviews on different online shopping stores also force you to purchase this product.


  • Expensive Machine: Many consumers ignore this cleaning tool just because of its price. It is higher in cost with lesser attachments. You may start looking for the best robot vacuum cleaner instead of this cleaning machine.

12. Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

To finish this list of cleaning products, I have chosen Miele Store. It is another cleaning product to remove hidden dirt particles from high pile carpets.

This bagged canister vacuum is designed for all carpet heights and its design product you utmost comfortability during all cleaning sessions.

Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

  • Superior Cleaning: You will get outstanding cleaning results with this top-quality cleaning unit. All the cleaning operations are extremely easy to handle.
  • Great Suction Power: The optimal suction power of this model of the Miele brand will clear 99.9% of dust and dirt from soft carpets in a single go.

The quality of this cleaning tool also increases with the vortex motor, which adds some power to this machine.

The list of additional accessories is also quite long. Overall, if you purchase Miele Complete C3, you will surely get total value for your investment.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type Canister Vacuum
Specific Usage Hard Floors, Carpet
Cord Reach 25 Feet
Color  Green & Silver
Weight 20 Pounds
Brand  Miele


  • HEPA AirClean Filter
  • Crevice Tool
  • Upholstery Brush
  • Parquet Twister Floor Brush
  • Full-Size Power Brush


  • AirClean System: This cleaning product uses the AirClean Sealed system to provide maximum filtration in a dust-free environment. You never feel any dust released in the air from this cleaning gear.
  • High-Quality Product: You will get first-class quality with excellent cleaning results. Whether you maneuver this machine on any smooth floor or apply it on a soft carpet, the outcome is best for all surfaces. The suction power is also great to treat all types of debris.
  • Bonus Accessories: The list of its integrated accessories is huge. It increases the versatility of this cleaning product. You can use as many extra gadgets as you want for your cleaning needs.


  • Hard to Maneuver: Many customers complain about this canister vacuum that is hard to push on high pile carpets. The tool might not be heavier, but the cleaning head is challenging to push. This dirt canister for vacuuming high pile carpets seems rigid in look as well.

How to Choose the Best Vacuums?

After reading the detailed review section, there might still be a number of questions raised in your mind about shopping for the best vacuum for high pile carpets.

To protect your investment, we strongly recommend you to read some crucial factors mentioned in this section for the ideal selection.

Buyer’s Guide to Vacuums for High Pile Carpets You may have installed thick carpets in your home. These high pile rugs look fantastic in every living room, but you can add more fun to your living if your carpet is perfectly cleaned.

Most of the dirt particles are hidden in high pile carpets. You have to treat them with vacuum cleaners that suit these carpeted floors. Keep reading to learn these important elements here:

How Large is Your Rug Area?How Large is Your Rug Area?

The total area of high pile carpet that needs to be cleaned is the rug area of your living rooms. If you have an extensive thick carpet area in your home, you should go for canister vacuums.

They will provide you with the luxury of routine or occasional cleaning jobs with a single tool. So, instead of purchasing multiple cleaning products, you can trust canister vacuums for all rug-covered areas in your home.

Battery Life (only for Robot Vacuum Cleaners)Battery Life (only for Robot Vacuum Cleaners)

If you are interested in robotic models of your best vacuum for high pile carpets, you must care about your vacuum cleaner’s battery life. Usually, you will find 100 to 120 minutes of runtime in these robot vacuum cleaners.

It depends on your pile carpet area. The batteries of these vacuum cleaners are chargeable, so you must check the charger to add life to these batteries.

Ideal Cord Length for Thick Carpet AreaIdeal Cord Length for Thick Carpet Area

The upright vacuum cleaner also depends on its cord length. The average cord length for the best vacuum for high pile carpet is 30 feet. You may also see cordless cleaners in the market too.

If you have multiple rooms with installed high pile carpet, you can do the cleaning task with a long cord-length vacuum cleaner instead of carrying your machine. The cordless cleaners are available in handheld, stick, or robot vacuum format.

These options are great for stair carpets, shelving, or cleaning dust particles on walls or curtains. You can add versatility to your vacuum cleaner with these multiple options too.

Is Your Vacuum Cleaner Bagged or Bagless?Is Your Vacuum Cleaner Bagged or Bagless?

The dust collection bags of vacuum cleaners are available in bagged or bagless formats. The air clean sealed system is offered by bagged vacuums.

After every cleaning session, the carpeted floors may contain lots of dust particles stored in these bags. The high pile materials can also be collected with dust particles.

The stubborn dirt in the vacuum bag may be explored in the air after removing it from the vacuum cleaner machine. To overcome this issue, many brands are offering bagless vacuum cleaners.

The whole machine filtration trash is stored transparently and called canister vacuums. The canister vacuum contains a motor and separates dirt containers to accommodate all these messes.

The weight of canister vacuums is higher, but with wheels, you can easily maneuver these vacuum cleaners. From these detailed statistics, you will get a perfect idea that you need bagged or bagless vacuums for your pile carpet.

What to Look for in Vacuum Filters?

Your vacuum cleaner filters are another important component to take care of. Thick carpets usually explore airborne dust particles for every cleaning session.

To address this issue, vacuum-cleaning brands have started manufacturing HEPA filtration systems. HEPA filters can easily trap 99.9% of dust particles from the air.

They can work as an air purifier and gives you outstanding results on thick carpet areas. You can use it on soft carpets or even apply such cleaning machines on low pile carpets.

What Type of Brushes and Attachments May You Need?What Type of Brushes and Attachments May You Need?

It will also help if you observe the multiple attachments in vacuum cleaners. You will find standard fittings and extra gadgets in the best vacuum for high pile carpet.

It is important to consider these bonus attachments according to your requirements. They must be useful and fulfill your cleaning needs.

Some vacuum cleaners offer adjustable heights for vacuuming thick carpets, or others may contain large wheels for easy maneuverability.

These additional features definitely help you in cleaning high pile carpet areas. Most vacuum cleaner brands offer a variety of attachments to make their cleaning products more versatile.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Are High Pile Carpets?

The high pile carpets are fluffy in look and contain long carpet fibers. It may add extra coziness and cushioning underfoot but may collect dirt particles quickly compared to other carpets.

Can I Vacuum a High Pile Rug?

The high pile rug or shag carpet can be vacuumed after every week. You must observe the foot traffic in these areas. If this ratio is higher, you should start cleaning it daily.

How Do You Vacuum High Pile Carpets?

The high pile carpet can be cleaned with vacuums designed explicitly for thick carpets. You have to do a routine cleaning session or may use a canister vacuum to remove all types of dust particles after every week.

You can efficiently use them with the best vacuum for high pile carpets.

Is Thick Carpet Hard to Vacuum?

The carpet fibers are usually soft and long in thick carpet setups. You need more care while cleaning these rugs to prevent them from being damaged.

These plush carpets can be treated with the best vacuum for high pile carpets; you can choose any product from this list that suits your needs.

What Vacuums Do Carpet Manufacturers Recommend?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend an easy vacuuming setup to clean their luxurious carpets. Of all the products.

we have found Yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum is the most impressive and popular cleaning product in the current market. It is surely one of the best vacuums for high pile carpets.

Can You Use a Stick Vacuum on The Carpet?

The stick vacuums can work really well on carpet areas in your home. It is the perfect cleaning tool for high pile and low pile carpets. Most stick vacuums prefer to clean dust particles from all soft carpet areas.

Is Bissell a Good Brand?

The Bissell is one of the most popular brands in the vacuum cleaner world. You can trust its cleaning products, especially for your high pile carpets. Their cleaning products will provide you with outstanding cleaning results.

How Can You Tell if You Have a High Pile Carpet?

The high pile carpets are soft in feel and look fantastic in any home. If you want to add beauty to your living rooms, you should install these thick carpets in your favorite spots in the house.

To clean these types of rugs, you must bring the best vacuum for high pile carpets. You can choose anyone from the above list, and I am sure that all these products will fulfill your cleaning criteria.

Our Verdict

Well, that’s it from my side. Now I hope you will try one of these vacuum cleaning products for your high pile carpets. All of these machines will give you outstanding cleaning results on thick rugs.

You may choose any one of them as the best vacuum for high pile carpets. If you install plush carpets in your living rooms, you should be more precise in your choice.

I have tested all these vacuum cleaners and found cordless vacuum cleaners by Simplicity brand perfect for all forms of high pile carpets.

The Dyson v15 Vacuum Cleaner is an extremely intelligent pile carpet cleaner featuring a washable HEPA filter and bagless vacuuming option. Invest in the perfect vacuum cleaner that suits your cleaning needs!

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