10 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair in 2022 – Top Picks

If you have pets at home and your home always looks untidy and messy, you need the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair. Only pet owners know the struggle of removing pet hair.

One of the only things that people don’t like about pets is their hair or dirt all over the house. If your current vacuum is unable to lift out hair from your home, it is time to replace the vacuum with the best one.

I have searched for some best vacuum cleaners for pet hair. If you have been searching them out, this article will give you great help.

Let’s start with the guide.

Our Top Picks


Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

Removing all the dirt or hair with the vacuum might be challenging, but the best vacuum cleaner gives you the facility to make your house look tidy all the time.

The vacuum cleaners listed below have been tested and are worth considering.

1. Eureka NEU522 FloorRover Dash 

Ureka Vacuum Cleaners

Multi-Floor Cleaning

Best Overall


If you have tried numerous vacuum cleaners for pet hair and still unable to see the results, why not try this bagless Eureka upright cleaner that guarantees to make your home look tidy by picking up all the dirt, including hair.

Eureka is a well-known brand that produces quality products. In addition, this vacuum is for every type of floor, so you can safely use it anywhere. Furthermore, the wheels attached to the cleaner make it easy to handle and carry from one place to another.

It is one of the cleaners that I would highly suggest everyone use. You can easily adjust the height of this cleaner according to the requirement.

Why it’s Best:

Let’s talk about a few essential features of this best pet vacuum.

  • Multi-Floor Cleaning: The Hepa filtration system used in the vacuum does comprehensive cleaning. It separates the small and large dust particles and makes the floors look dust-free and hair-free. When we talk about Hepa filtration, there should never be a second thought.
  • Easy To Carry: The glide wheels attached to the cleaner give additional benefits. You can quickly move the vacuum from one place to another without putting extra effort and lifting heavyweight.
  • Easy To Empty: Empty the vacuum bin once the cleaning is done is one of the challenging tasks. However, do not worry about this vacuum as it has a one-click dust release. Detach the vacuum bin and put all the dirt in the dustbin without touching it. Once the bin is empty, attach it again with the vacuum.
  • Adjustable Height: You can adjust the height of this cleaner depending on the place that you are cleaning. For instance, if you want to clean the wall, you can increase the height, while to clean the floor, you can adjust the size according to the requirement. Isn’t it great?

Additional Specs

Brand Eureka
Product Dimension 14 x 11.2 x 32.9 inches
Colour Deep Ocean
Product Weight 20.8 pounds


  • You get various accessories for different purposes.
  • It can be used on different types of flooring.
  • It quickly lifts pet and human hair.
  • The vacuum is easy to manage.
  • It uses Multi-Angle Adapter to clean challenging corners.


  • The motor creates noise while working.

2. Kenmore Floorcare for Pet Hair 


Easy to Manage and Store

Dual Motor System


The second one is from a Kenmore brand that is also efficient and is perfect for removing pet hair. The cleaner is specially designed to be used on carpets and bare floors. To remove the pet hair, it is one of the most efficient cleaners that you should buy if you are looking for one.

This lightweight cleaner removes all the dirt, dust, and hair and makes your home clean. You get various attachments and accessories along with the cleaner. For instance, crevice tools help you to reach the places where it is hard.

You can easily remove the tight spots without rearranging any furniture.

Why it’s Best:

Let’s point out a few features of this good vacuum for pet hair.

  • Advanced Hepa System: To get the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair, one should ensure which filtration system it uses. There is nothing better than a Hepa filtration that manages to remove all big and small dust particles making your room entirely neat.
  • Dual Motor System: The dual-motor system enhances the performance and makes cleaning efficient. In one motor system, both suction and brushwork on a single motor, while in a dual-motor design, brush and suction work on different motors that automatically improve cleaning performance.
  • Additional Tools: All the additional tools you get with the vacuum are for different purposes. For instance, the dusting brush helps to clean the car seats and Sofas, while the crevice tool is ideal for tight corners. Besides this, you can easily store these tools.
  • Adjustable Height: Being able to adjust the height of the vacuum according to the requirement is one of the biggest features. The flexible height of this vacuum can help you easily clean the walls as well.

Additional Specs

Brand Kenmore
Product Dimension 14.5 x 14.5 x 45.75 inches
Surface Recommendation Carpet and Bare Floors
Product Weight 19 pounds


  • You can easily control these Vacuum cleaners for pet hair.
  • It has an LED headlight and a flexible height.
  • It contains an air deflector and Hepa filter system.
  • The vacuum is easy to assemble and manage.
  • It has a dual-motor system that enhances performance.


  • It has some faults in Design.
  • The vacuum is not durable.

3. Miele Classic C1 


Easily Control the Power Level

Adds Value


If you have ever used a bagged canister vacuum you might be a huge fan of them. This handheld bagged vacuum cleaner is from the Miele brand and is quite popular everywhere.

The cleaner is specially designed to lift the dirt and hair from hardwood floors. If you have pets at home and you are finding it tough to make your home look clean, go for this cleaner. From strong suction power to various additional accessories, it is an ideal choice to bring home.

It comes with a one-year warranty period so that you can easily invest in the cleaner without worrying. However, before buying the vacuum ensure that you have purchased the right bag.

Why it’s Best:

Here are a few important features of this vacuum cleaner.

  • Setting Control: The setting control feature ensures that the right power is used on a certain surface. Every floor requires a different power level, so one must be cautious about that. However, this vacuum gives you the feature to automatically set the power control. What can be better than this?
  • Airclean Filter: If you are a pet owner, this feature will help you. The air clean filter removes all the smell of a pet from home, making your home clean and smell-free. Now, keeping pets at home won’t cost you.
  • Flexible Adjustment: The Mini Turbobrush helps you to carry all the small dust particles and pet hair. You can easily adjust the height according to the requirement. To fully get rid of pet hair and dust, this vacuum is worth recommending.
  • Firm Suction Power: The strong the suction power, the more efficient results will be seen. The strong and firm suction power of this vacuum ensures comprehensive cleaning and makes each corner dust-free.

Additional Specs

Brand Miele
Product Dimension 18.2 x 8.7 x 11 inches
Surface Recommendation Hardwood floor
Product Weight 16.1 pounds


  • It is a well-designed cleaner with easy assembling.
  • It doesn’t create noise while cleaning.
  • The vacuum ensures to lift the entire dirt.
  • A versatile vacuum for every type of flooring.
  • A lightweight cleaner with long-lasting bags.


  • More costly than other vacuums.

4. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Corded

Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

Used for Multi-Purpose

Best Brand


If you have ever used vacuums, you are surely familiar with this Bissell brand. This handheld vacuum is ideal to be used in different places, including floors, Upholstery, and hard surfaces, without any scratch issues.

I have tested this cleaner and safely say it has given me maximum ease. Instead of spending maximum time removing dirt and dust, bring a Bissell handheld vacuum. Removing dust with this vacuum is a matter of an hour.

It doesn’t require extra energy and effort as well. It also contains multi-layer filtration that enhances the performance.

Why it’s Best:

A few essential features of this amazing vacuum include:

  • Compact and lightweight: It is a lightweight product that is easy to lift from one place to another without any effort. Furthermore, you can easily clean the vacuum and easily store it.
  • Versatile Cleaning: There is nothing better than a product that can be used for different purposes. Apart from removing pet hair, you can make maximum use of this vacuum by applying it to the car interior, upholstery, walls, etc.
  • It Contains Suction Nozzle: The suction nozzle help to pick up pet hair and litter easily without creating a mess. Hence, if you are a pet owner and looking for ways to get rid of pet dirt, this vacuum will help you in this manner.
  • Best Cordless Stick Vacuum: This cordless vacuum has all the features required for thorough cleaning. It has a HEPA filter that makes cleaning more effective. Now get your house hair-free by using this vacuum once a week. You will never complain about the smell and dust after this.

Additional Specs

Brand Bissell
Product Dimension 10 x 5 x 8 inches
Surface Recommendation Hard floor and Upholstery
Product Weight 3.7 pounds


  • A powerful and lightweight small vacuum.
  • For pet owners, this vacuum is the biggest lifesaver
  • It contains exhaust blowers that lift all the dust.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty period.
  • You can easily empty the dust from the vacuum bin.


  • It is only good for removing pet hair.
  • Some flaws in the design need to be improved.

5. Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX 

Eufy by Anker

Vacuum Uses Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology


You might haven’t used this vacuum cleaner, but it is undoubtedly one of the worth using cleaners. This super slim Robotic vacuum cleaner has the most vital suction power and is relatively easy to carry.

You do not need to put your energy into cleaning as the Eufy app, google assistant, and Alexa does everything for you. It increases the suction power where it is required more while automatically decreasing the power where less power is needed.

While cleaning, you will never have noise complaints. Along with the cleaner, you get various other accessories, including Remote control, cleaning tool, AC Power Adapter, welcome guide, RoboVac 15C MAX, warranty card, etc.

  It is undoubtedly worth using cleaners at least once to have a different experience.

Why it’s Best:

Here are a few features of this best vacuum for long hair.

  • Automatic Working: It provides the customer with a lot of ease by working automatically. For instance, it has complete control over suction power. It automatically increases or decreases the power level according to the requirement. Isn’t it worth having a feature?
  • Powerful and Smart: This smart vacuum is all you need to get rid of all the mess created by your pets. It is extremely lightweight without any handle or cord. You can quickly move the cleaner from one room to another without any difficulty or weight.
  • Advanced Technology: Connect your phone with this Robotic machine and set the schedule of cleaning. Leave the vacuum at the place that you want to clean. It will automatically clean the entire house by picking all the debris, pet hair, and dirt in no time. You will be amazed at the positive results.
  • Voice-Controlled Technology: You can also control the cleaning with your voice. Connect your machine with the google assistant or Alexa and instruct the vacuum with your voice whenever you need to start or stop; it will be a happy cleaning.

Additional Specs

Brand Eufy
Product Dimension 12.8 x 12.8 x 2.85 inches
Colour Black
Product Weight 5.95 pounds
Surface Recommendation Hard floors and carpets


  • You have complete control over your vacuum.
  • It reduces your work and gives you comfort.
  • You can clean the home while being outside simply with your voice.
  • You also get a 30-days refund feature and 12 months warranty period.
  • They also send a welcome guide to make easy setup for you.


  • Due to advanced features, it is costly.

6. Hoover Power Drive Bagless 

Hover power

Deep Cleans the Entire House

Deep Cleaning


This upright vacuum cleaner is another great machine that you can think about buying. It does all your cleaning chores effortlessly and makes your home look clean and tidy.

It is from a Hoover brand that makes reliable and durable products, so you can clearly think about it without any doubt. Amazingly, it comprehensively cleans the room by removing hair, dust, and dirt deep down.

It is lightweight and easily picks up debris without applying effort. So ladies, if you are looking forward to getting one vacuum cleaner, what are you waiting for. Go and grab it, and you won’t regret it.

Why it’s Best:

A few features of this best stick vacuum for pet hair include:

  • Deep Cleaning: If you want a cleaner that does all your work effortlessly by cleaning tight corners as well where it is hard to reach, bring a Hoover pet vacuum at home. It has the power to deep clean the floors and makes your house neat and tidy.
  • Large Dust Cup: It doesn’t matter how much dust your vacuum has sucked; you will never face any inconvenience to change the cup again and again while cleaning. The cup is extra large and can carry a lot of dirt.
  • Ideal for Pet owners: If you are a pet lover or have pets at home, you might be worried about all the mess they create. Don’t worry when you have this ideal vacuum that removes 99.99% debris and makes your house shine like never before.
  • Amazing Performance: You will be amazed by the amount of hair and dust particles it picks. The cleaner is suitable for every type of floor and carpet. If you want to get rid of all the hair and dust your pet creates, go for this vacuum cleaner.

Additional Specs

Brand Hoover
Product Dimension 11.5 x 12.75 x 45 inches
Surface Recommendation Dual Action
Product Weight 16 pounds


  • You can safely use the cleaner on every type of floor.
  • It is an amazing cleaner for pet owners.
  • It picks all the hair and dust particles.
  • The vacuum doesn’t create noise while cleaning.
  • You can quickly assemble and set the vacuum.


  • The brush attachment doesn’t work.
  • The canister can’t be detached.

7. BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind 

Bissell Cleanview

Supports Bissell Pet Foundation

Amazon’s Choice


If you are a fan of Bissell brand products, you can always count on this vacuum cleaner without any second thought. The best thing is on each purchase 10$ will be sent to the Bissell pet foundation.

The brand has made a name in the market by producing quality products and now one can’t doubt its class. It makes each corner neat and tidy and removes the bad smell caused due to pets. You don’t have to put additional effort to clean your home.

Besides this, you can easily store the vacuum after use. It is one of those vacuum cleaners for pet hair that I would highly recommend purchasing.

Why it’s Best:

A few amazing features of this amazing vacuum cleaner include:

  • Powerful Hair Removal Cleaner: Seeing hair everywhere at home brings a lot of anxiety and tension. To get over this issue you should bring a vacuum that can remove all hair from carpets and floors. It has a triple-action brush that does not leave even a single dust particle. That’s why it is a much-needed cleaner.
  • Removes Tight Corners: You don’t need to rearrange the furniture or other accessories in order to remove tight spaces and corners of your home. It comes with a  brush that gives you convenience and ensures to clean every corner effectively.
  • Supports Bissell Pet Foundation: Your every purchase gives support to pets. 10$ are sent to the Bissell pet foundation where the pets are taken good care of. It is surely a great initiative conducted by the brand. You get the opportunity to save various pets that are homeless.
  • Adjustable Height: You can adjust the height according to the floor requirement.

Additional Specs

Brand Bissell
Product Dimension 13 x 14 x 46 inches
Surface Recommendation Hard floor, carpets, and Upholstery
Product Weight 13.65 pounds


  • You can easily assemble this vacuum and store it.
  • It catches tiny dust particles and removes pet hair completely.
  • The suction power of this canister vacuum is unparallel.
  • You can adjust the height according to requirements.
  • Bissell is the number 1 brand that produces quality products.


  • The belt breaks after a few uses.

8. Eureka FloorRover Bagless

Floor Rover

Contains a Hepa Filtration System

Powerful Vacuum


The next product is from the same brand that I mentioned above. Eureka is one of the worth considering brands producing vacuum cleaners for pet hair and you can blindly trust them.

It is one of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair and despite having several pets, you can keep your home clean now with this cleaner. It is available in Red and Grey color and uses advanced technology to work efficiently.

The large wheels of this vacuum make the movement smooth and can easily lift the vacuum from 1 place to another.

Why it’s Best:

Here are a few essential points of this amazing vacuum cleaner.

  • It works Efficiently: It thoroughly cleans the surface and makes the place dust-free and hair-free. Further, it also contains an automatic nozzle that helps to pick all the pet and human hair.
  • Dual Motor: It contains a dual-motor feature that increases the cleaning performance. Whether you want to apply the vacuum on a hard surface or carpet area, it cleans every spot without damaging it.
  • Hepa Filtration: What can be better than a Hepa filtration system that separates large and small hair and dust particle and ensure to clean the entire area with perfection?

Additional Specs

Brand Eureka
Product Dimension 13.4 x 12.4 x 44.7 inches
Colour Red and Grey
Product Weight 15.8 pounds


  • You get various cleaning accessories, including a brush.
  • It picks big and small hair and cleans the surface.
  • The wheels attached to the vacuum make it easy to lift the vacuum,
  • You can quickly empty the dust in the bin.


  • The motor noise might irritate you.

9. iRobot Roomba S9 (9150) – Advanced Technology

Roomba S9 Cleaners

Next-Level Cleaning Features

Complete Control Over the Vacuum


This Robot vacuum for pet hair is another excellent vacuum that you can buy to eliminate all the mess that pet creates.

If you want your house to be cleaned without a lot of effort and hard work, bring this Robot vacuum cleaner to your home and enjoy convenience. It is one of the advanced vacuum cleaners that use modern technology and can also be connected with a voice only.

It comprehensively cleans every spot and is smart and lightweight.

Why it’s Best:

A few important key elements of this machine include:

  • Detailed Cleaning: This smart and powerful cleaner has all the features to deep clean the room and pick all the mess. It has a powerful suction power that doesn’t keep any dust particles behind.
  • Complete Control: Just sit on the chair and instruct the vacuum. The Robot is familiar with all your sitting areas. You can control the machine with your voice. It is how you can make your house clean without any effort.
  • Best For Pet Owners: If you have pets at home, this vacuum will be one of the biggest blessings for you. It thoroughly picks pet hair and its dust and efficiently cleans everything. Who wouldn’t want to complete their home chores without spending a lot of effort?

Additional Specs

Brand IRobot
Product Dimension 12.25 x 12.25 x 3.5 inches
Surface Recommendation Hard floors
Product Weight 8.2 pounds


  • You can clean the house without doing anything.
  • It is one of the most appropriate Vacuum cleaners for pet hair
  • You can do personalized cleaning by giving suggestions to the vacuum.
  • It has a 40x suction power level.


  • It is more expensive than other cleaners.

10. Kenmore BU4022  Intuition Bagged 

Intuition bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Lightweight with a Strong Suction

Power Flow Technology


Here is the last vacuum cleaner that I have picked after detailed research. This handheld vacuum is another excellent choice to be considered. It is a lightweight machine that does a comprehensive cleaning and makes your house shine.

Even if you have pets at home, it cleans their mess and smell as well. You also get a 5-years warranty on this product with strong suction power. Apart from this, it gives you various additional attachments to make your cleaning experience better.

It is indeed one of the best Vacuum cleaners for pet hair.

Why it’s Best:

Let’s cover a  few essential features of this fantastic product:

A Versatile Cleaner: It not only cleans the floor but also cleans the wall by adjusting the height. You can increase the length according to the requirement.

Bag Indicator: It notifies you when your dust bag is complete and is ready to be replaced. You do not need to check it, again and again, while cleaning manually.

Various Accessory Tools: You get various additional tools and brushes for different purposes for a better cleaning experience. Now cleaning the house is no longer a challenging task when you have so many tools.

Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner: This lightweight cleaner gives you colossal relaxation. It has a steering wheel that makes lifting easy. You can easily carry the cleaner from 1 place to another.

Additional Specs

Brand Kenmore
Product Dimension 33.4 x 12.2 x 11.3 inches
Surface Recommendation Carpets and Hard Floor
Product Weight 14 pounds


  • It has a high filtration system for deep cleaning.
  • This bagged vacuum is easy to empty without touching the dust.
  • It is the best choice for pet owners.
  • A perfect design with a lightweight vacuum.


  • There is no storage option for additional accessories.

What to See Before Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s move ahead and talk about those essential points or features that should be considered before buying any vacuum cleaner. Here we go.

What to See Before Buying Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

 1. Strong Suction Power

Ensure that the vacuum you have selected has a strong suction power so that it thoroughly cleans the surface leaving behind nothing. The stronger the suction power, the more efficiently it will work.

2. Dust Bin Capacity

Ensure that the dust bin attached to the vacuum is of large capacity so that you do not need to replace it while cleaning. It will create inconvenience. Furthermore, it will blow dust on the floor as well. Hence, better to go for a vacuum that has a large bin capacity.

3. Product Reviews

The reviews on the internet help a lot to make the right decision. You get a clear idea of whether to go for a selected product or not. Hence, when you decide to buy a particular vacuum, ensure that it has positive reviews. Otherwise, you will end up regretting the decision.

4. Vacuum Price

The vacuum price is another essential factor that should be considered. Don’t go for an expensive vacuum, as you can quickly get your hands on budget-friendly ones with the best quality. The price has nothing to do with the quality. You can consider the vacuums mentioned above that are budget-friendly yet have better quality.

5. Brand Matters

The product brand is one of the essential features that people mostly ignore. Before selecting any new product, make sure about the brand. The more popular the brand, the better effect it will have.

6. Filtration System

The powerful filtration system is another important feature to look for in any vacuum cleaner. If it has a strong filtration system, it will carry every tiny dust particle from the floor. To talk about the best filtration system, Hepa tops the chart. Never ignore this factor before buying the vacuum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best brand of vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

A: You can get various options in this regard but to name 1 brand, Bissell is always at the top. It clearly removes pet hair and makes the surface neat and clean.

Q: Is Bissell or Hoover better for pet hair?

A: Both are highly popular and considered the best brands for removing pet hair. If you are a pet owner, go for any of the brands as both work perfectly.

Q: What should I look for in a vacuum for pet hair?

A: Various factors should be considered before buying the vacuum. For instance, check the suction power and filtration system. Further, ensure the brand and make sure it is cheap yet quality-based. Apart from that, it is better to check the reviews online as they give maximum details.

Q: Can you vacuum the hair off a dog?

A: If you have a normal vacuum, I would suggest never doing it as it is hurtful and it might cause damage. However, if you have the best vacuum cleaner with soft bristles, you can try it.

Q: Is Roomba good for dog hair?

A: The I3+ iRobot Roomba is the best dog vacuum that lifts all the hair and dust in a single attempt. Besides this, it has been reviewed positively by the customers.

Q: How do you keep dog hair off furniture?

A: Various vacuum cleaners are available at the market that has a crescive tool. With the help of that tool, you can remove all the tight corners. Besides this, you can do it by using gloves as well.

Our Verdict

Getting the right vacuum is essential when you have pets at home. It is essential to keep your home safe and hygienic despite having numerous pets. After reading various questions regarding the Vacuum cleaners for pet hair, I decided to come up with this guide with a thorough review. I hope this guide will be helpful for you and you will be able to get rid of all the pet hair and dust. Take notes and choose the vacuum cleaner wisely.

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