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Best Drill Bit Sharpeners – Ultimate Buying Guide

Never throw your drill bits in the trash; instead, you could sharpen them with the best drill bit sharpener. You may feel that some drill bits lose their edges quickly or might get dull. If you are drilling anything like steel or any other hardened wood, then the corners of drill bits may lose their shape.

With a grinder or sharpener, you can restore these cutting corners of drill bits. Efficient sharpening of these drill bits will improve your drill performance and cut the cost of purchasing lots of extra drill bits.

One of the most common types of these sharpeners is manual sharpeners. You will also find some electric drill bit sharpeners in the current marketplace.

Whether picking the electric sharpeners or going for a more traditional way, you have to pick the right brand for this task. If you are looking to clean your home floors with some electric tools and manage these tasks yourself then you will need a perfect drill bit sharpening tool.

How do I Use Drill Bit Sharpeners

Which Is the Best Drill Sharpener?

The most potent drill sharpener is Drill Doctor DD350X Drill Bit Sharpener. It will sharpen almost all the bit sizes efficiently. You can quickly get ready your drill bits reuse and store the newly freshened look drill bits passed through Drill Doctor Sharpener.

What Is the Best Way to Sharpen Drill Bits?

Grinder wheels help you to sharpen your drill bits in style. Just put these drill bits horizontally against the wheels. It will adjust the cutting edges and sharpen them. You must follow the same pattern for all angled surfaces in front of drill bits.

Does Drill Doctor Work?

Drill Doctor sharpener tool may take 2 to 3 minutes but will do this job perfectly. It might get slower than more significant bits, but it will nicely fix all the edges of your drill bit. You can use the Drill Doctor to sharpen all the drill bits later fix up all the bits in your rack of dull bits.

How Do You Sharpen a Significant Drill Bit by Hand?

More significant drill bits may take some time to get sharpened. You have to slowly spin the drill bits towards yourself with fingers and give time to every corner to get sharpened perfectly. You might feel this is a challenging or hectic task, but carry on to finish it like a pro.

How Do You Sharpen a Drill Bit with a Drill?

Drilling a drill bit can be easy with a grinder. This tool is used to precisely sharpen a drill bit from all its edges. It will never take any hand power behind the bit. The drill bits will get a new look with the driller and save your money to purchase new bits.

Why Is Drill Bit Angle 118?

The 118-degree angle is generally used for softer materials to drill, like wooden walls. This standard point angle provides an aggressive drilling feature into more complex materials, but its edges may be dull with this more complex stuff.

This 118-degree angle is steeper and has a tiny chisel on its front side. This angle is perfect for drilling in softer materials which can be done in no time.

How Do I Use a Drill Doctor 750x?

Drill Doctor 750x provides you with almost all the angles between 115 to 140 degrees to create y the corners on the top of the bit. This split bit will drill accurately and give you precise holes in all types of materials. Whether you want to drill in steel or wooden walls, Drill Doctor 750x makes the drill bit more versatile.

Top Drills Bit Sharpeners

Drill bits are not cheaper, so it is not easy to throw them after a single use. They will get dull after excessive use. Sometimes it may lose sharpness from its edges, affecting your drilling performance.

It is better if you have a perfect tool to sharpen these drill bits for further use and improve your drilling capability. Check out the following sharpeners to refresh your drill bits:

1. Drill Doctor Dd350x Drill Bit Sharpener – Best Overall

The most compact and easy-to-use sharpener currently available in the marketplace is the Drill Doctor Bit Sharpener. This item is designed to reuse and store the drill bits easily. There is almost no effort required because of its on-chuck alignment structure.

Any homeowner or weekend craftsman should contain the sharpening power with these best drill bit sharpener at their home. You will get precise results every time.

Just bring your older and dull drill bits here and get the new sharpened drill bits within seconds. The diamond sharpening wheels provide a quick sharpening facility for their consumers. It is a portable and easy-to-use tool that can be placed anywhere in your home.

You can comfortably use your favorite drill bits on light metal or wooden stuff and never worry about its edges. The shape of your drill bit will never change, and the dull edges will get freshened with this multipurpose sharpening gadget.

Key Features

Adjustable Angle

The angles of Drill Doctor DD350X product are already adjusted in one way. You never need to adjust its angle for every drill bit as you might do in some other tools. You have to change the settings of many other cutting tools which takes extra time and effort as you might notice in the drill doctor dd750x w model.

Precised Results

You will get absolutely accurate results with this drill bit sharpener. If you are looking forward to sharpening drill bits sharp and accurately then this Drill Doctor is made just for you.

Never Warm-up

This drill powered sharpener always remains cool. It will never get hotter even if you try to sharpen drill bits full bag.

Ideal for Beginners

Any entry-level craftsman can use this machine to carry out their routine tasks. It is an extremely easy-to-learn tool and anybody can use it without any technical skill.

Incredibly Affordable

You can buy two or three Drill Doctor sharpen bits as compared to other best drill bit sharpener. Never worry about its features. You will get a complete drill bit sharpener at lower rates with perfection and save your investments.

Product Specifications

Material Carbide, High-Speed Steel, Cobalt
Cutting Angle String 118 Degrees
Drill Bit Size 3/32 to ½ Inches
Manufacturer Drill Doctor
Product Dimensions 4 x 7 x 5 Inches
Special Features Precise Results, Industrial Strength, Diamond Sharpening
bissell steamshot

Drill Doctor Dd350x Drill Bit Sharpener

Easy-to-use Diamond Sharpening Wheels Tool 

Amazon Choice


Best Practices to Follow:

  • Drill bits will never get hotter after sharpening them
  • Creating and removing split points is very easy
  • Sharpens edges of drill bits of almost all dimensions
  • Adjustments are quite easy to learn
  • Heavy-duty sharpening performance for drill bits

Keep In Mind:

  • It might not perform well on impact drill bits

2. Drill Bit Sharpener Portable Diamond Drill Bits – Editor’s Choice

Another best way to sharpen your drill bits is to grind iron-type drill bits. This diamond grinding drill tool is straightforward and portable for many drill bites.

You can install the grinder powered by an electric drill and lock the chuck. Hold the grinder and drill with your hands, and slowly push the drill with your finger or thumb. This electric drill has to push forward to do this task better.

This sharpener tool is made with high-quality ABS plastic material, durable and rustproof center punching mechanism. Just save your time and money with this utility because its performance is higher than drill doctor dd750x.

If you want to replace the brown corundum grinding wheel, push the plastic cover to the left, and the wheels are out to the way from this drill bit grinder.

This portable gadget is straightforward to carry and use. This sharpening tool fits the width range of 2-12.5mm. You can easily put this tool in your backpack or pocket for outdoor use.

The suite includes two corundum drill bit sharpener, four wrenches, and four brown corundum grinding wheel replacements for further use.

Key Features

Portable Tool

It is a portable diamond drill bit sharpener that can be used for multiple purposes without any electric power. This will give all types of drill bits a second life and save your time and money.


This tool is made of high-quality ABS plastic and brown corundum grinding wheel which is solid enough to tackle any titanium drill bits. You never need any center drilling precision holes or punching it for results.

Professional Design

This valuable tool is professionally designed to resharpen drill bit sharpening jig. Many shop owners keep this grinding wheel tool for sharpening drill bits.

Easy to Use

The sharpening process of using this tool is straightforward. You even do not need to see its user’s manual. Just start working straight from its box.


You can use this tool all day. It is extremely lightweight as you can use it all day without any trouble. Just put it in your backpack or pocket and enjoy your outdoor work like a pro.

Product Specifications

Material Diamond
Cutting Angle String 118 Degrees
Drill Bit Size 5/64 to ½ Inches
Manufacturer Weather
Product Dimensions 7.2 x 5.55 x 1.5 Inches
Special Features Portable electric gadget, Grinding drill tool



Drill Bit Sharpener

Electric & Portable Drill Bit Sharpeners

Best Seller


Best Practices to Follow:

  • Great portable utility, powered by electric drill
  • Efficient sharpening tool to save time and money
  • A sturdy and durable material used for the construction of this gear
  • Excellent customer service for their clients; replied within 24 hours to all clients
  • Wear-resistant conundrum grinding wheels

Keep In Mind:

  • Not recommended for high hardness drill bits

3. General Tools 825 Drill Grinding – Amazon’s Choice 

Here comes an Amazon’s Choice drill sharpener. 

General Tools 825 Grinding is a powerful attachment that can tackle all types of bits. You can precisely create sharp edges of these bits that provide the necessary level of resistance. The company is working on three major themes which are work smarter, be more productive, and measure better. These features can be the role model for any drill bit sharpener.

You will get the factory accuracy results with this drill grind which can work at any angle or on countersinks. Now you never need to worry about the drill bit’s size. This tool provides you maximum accuracy and perfect sharpening angle for most of these bits.

It is a sturdy attachment tool that can improve drill performance and can accomplish any level of task without damaging the sharpening process.

Key Features


You can handle a wide variety of bits with this unit. You can adjust it up to 5 standard angles. Drill capacity is absolutely fantastic in this case.

Factory Accuracy

If you really need accurate results on the corners of your favorite bits then you should bring General Tool 825 drill bit sharpener.


You can use General tools 825 for any wooden task. It is a great innovation and a unique product that splits it from other popular drill bit sharpener brands.

Clearance Angle

This tool shows you a clear angle for improving your drilling performance. You can precisely measure in a better way and get the optimum results.

Productive Tool

General Tool 825 machine is so handy tool that you can get many productive tasks from it. You can use it with a variety of materials and I am sure it will never disappoint you even if you use drill doctor dd750x w.

Product Specifications

Material HAWA
Cutting Angle String 118 Degrees
Drill Bit Size 5/64 to ½ Inches
Manufacturer General Tools 
Product Dimensions 4.91 x 4.91 x 7.38 Inches
Special Features Detailed adjustments, Sharpener attachments, Portability 


bissell steamshot

General Tools Drill Grinding Attachment

Powerful sharpeners attachment for all types of drill bits

Amazon’s Choice


Best Practices to Follow:

  • Works on variety of drill bit sizes
  • Set any angle or height according to the shape of drill bit
  • Sharpener attachments and great support features
  • Maximum accuracy just like factory drill point splitting port settings

Keep In Mind:

  • Works only as a surface grinder or attachment to electric bench

4. Woodstock D4144 Drill Sharpener – Bench Grinder

I am so excited to mention Woodstock Drill Sharpener here. The brand is so reliable because of its rich history and reputation. They are manufacturing quality sharpening tools since 1989.

The most popular model of Woodstock in the best drill bit sharpener arena is D4144. It is fully adjustable for a wide variety of drill-point angles. There is a vertical wheel bench grinder to hold this fantastic drill bit sharpening tool. What you have to do is to adjust this tool at a single angle. You might never need to regulate its time again rather just set it at any distinctive angle and start sharpening the best drill bit.

I am really impressed with its simplicity. The design is so compact that you can handle all replicate angles in a single go and the machine might not realize any effect. Still, you have the option to adjust this drill bit sharpener up to 5 angles from 41 degrees to 88 degrees.

You can get this artistic tool from third-party merchants as the brand is an international retailer and quite popular in the marketplace of sharpening devices.

Key Features

Compact Design

The overall design of the Woodstock D4144 drill sharpener is so simple. There are only a few moving parts that can easily be moved and handled.

One-time Angle Setup

Just set the angle of this tool and forget it. You will never desire to change its angle, it’s guaranteed. You will get optimum results from this tool on many different size bits in this single-angle setup.

Handle Bulks

Woodstock Drill Sharpener allows you to tackle bulk batches in a single go. It will not get heat-up or slow in its functionality. The sharpen bits are made of high-speed steel still this manual machine responded quickly.

Inexpensive Tool

This tool is extremely affordable and useful. It is used in combination with a grinder which increases your accuracy. You will definitely be amused by this product after comparing its accuracy and price.

Rich Brand History

The brand is manufacturing top-quality drill sharpeners for more than 30 years. Most people trust this brand because of its past reputation and history.

Product Specifications

Material High-Speed Steel & Cobalt
Cutting Angle String 41 degree to 88 degree
Drill Bit Size 1/8 to 3/4 Inches
Manufacturer Woodstock
Product Dimensions 7.95 x 5.28 x 1.89 Inches
Special Features Correct angle sharpener, Various drill-point angles
bissell steamshot

Woodstock D4144 Drill Sharpener

One-time correct angle setup tool

Rich Brand history


Best Practices to Follow:

  • 5 different angles to choose from
  • Can sharp best drill bit in bulk batches
  • Simple and compact design to treat sharp drill bit
  • Extremely affordable good drill bit sharpener

Keep In Mind:

  • Not electric, just a manual drill bit sharpener
  • Require some degree of skills to effectively use it

5. DAREX Drill Bit Sharpener – Best Runner Up

If you have a tough working environment then Darex Drill bit Sharpener will be the ultimate choice for you. This brand started its operations in Oregon, the United States in 1973.

It is a high-performance crafting sharpening equipment that works perfectly for split point drills. You may not find anything heavier weight electric drill bit sharpener than this Darex machine. It is a highly durable unit without any grinding wheel setup and is known as a top industrial drill bit sharpener even better than drill doctor dd750x w.

Thanks to this 3-step easy drill bit sharpening tool which can renew more than 2000 sharpen drill bits in a single go. It is robust enough to renew any kind of drill bit in under a minute because of these 3 ways easy steps.

The range of this drill bit sharpening tool is from 0.125 inches to 0.75 inches. The design is user-friendly and if you are not an expert of drill bit sharpening work even then you can produce cutting-edge like-new factory precision just like any manual sharpen knives!

Key Features

3-Step Sharpening

This machine is working based on three easy steps. It is so comfortable to handle bits ranging from any dimension and produce any type of iron drill bits into a newer one.


As the sharp carbide bits need high-quality materials; this Darex unit can treat any type of broken bits with precision and crop any drill bit sharpening jig up to the mark. The material of this sharpener can do drill bit sharpener work accurately in most of the cases.

Ideal Cutting Edge

This machine can produce a split point drill bit with a perfect cutting edge. It is absolutely similar to any top industrial expert’s own drill bit sharpener. You can precisely make any sharpening angle and a sharp bit of any size with perfection.

Quick Response

These types of iron drill bits always responded quickly to any dull drill bit. You will get like-new split point drill bits with a minute.

Recommended by Experts

This powerful drill bit sharpener is highly recommended by many industry experts in this field. It will perform better than any other popular brand.

Product Specifications

Material Cobalt drill bits
Cutting Angle String 118 Degrees to 140 Degrees
Drill Bit Size 0.125 inches to 0.75 inches
Manufacturer Darex
Product Dimensions 17.4 x 15.4 x 12.3 Inches
Special Features Bench Grinder, Metal Cased Unit 
bissell steamshot

DAREX Drill Bit Sharpener

User-friendly 3-Step sharpening design

Durable Unit


Best Practices to Follow:

  • Factory precision results to sharpen bits
  • Recommended by top industrial experts
  • Three easy steps can produce sharp drill bits without no time
  • Capable of sharpen drill bits more than 2000 in one go

Keep In Mind:

  • A heavy machine couldn’t carry this around

  • Can’t use for home routine work, recommended for the industrial setting because of high price

6. Drill Doctor – DD750x Drill Bit Sharpeners – Most Versatile Model

I am going to finish this comprehensive review section with the best drill bit sharpener which can power drill with perfection to multiple types of carbide bits.

The working mechanism of this drill bit sharpener depends on an extra narrow chisel point which makes the sharpening process faster. This type of drill bit sharpener is fully adjustable and uses the same sweeping geometry as most manufacturers use.

You will find an alignment port that makes these adjustments easy and quick. A diamond grinding wheel is always a handy option in any drill bit sharpener. You will get a diamond wheel which makes this unit faster and more longevity in the marketplace.

The sharpening process of this drill bit sharpener works on the technical phenomenon but this unit makes it simple to keep all the angles perfectly to treat dull drill bit. Sharpen cobalt drill bits makes easy by this bench grinder drill bit sharpener.

The benchtop of 750x drill bit sharpener can treat any dull drill bit and its diamond wheel is versatile for any DIYer.

Key Features

Variety of Angle

You can adjust this drill bit sharpener to a wide variety of angles. It is ranging from 115 to 140 degrees which are enough to handle any form of a dull drill bit.

Electric Sharpener

The high-speed steel and masonry bits are difficult to treat with manual sharpeners. This electric sharpener can handle all kinds of masonry bits with accuracy and precision.

Heavy-Duty Unit

This machine is featuring with diamond sharpening wheel and bench grinders structure. This makes this unit seriously perfect for any heavy-duty performance.


This drill bit sharpener is a reliable brand in the drill bit sharpening jig industry. Many pro sharpeners trust this brand and recommend sharpening cobalt drill bits.

Reasonable Price

If you compare the features of the 750x drill bit sharpener with other top quality brands then you will be amused to see its price. For such a fantastic tool. this price gives you full value for your money.

Product Specifications

Material Carbide bits, Cobalt
Cutting Angle String 115 Degrees to 140 Degrees
Drill Bit Size 3/32 inches to 3/4 inches
Manufacturer Drill Doctor
Product Dimensions 5 x 8 x 4.5 Inches
Special Features Bench Grinder Attachment, Tin Coated drill bits


bissell steamshot

Drill Doctor – DD750x Drill Bit Sharpeners

The alignment port makes the bulky sharpening process comfortable

Most versatile machine


Best Practices to Follow:

  • Fully adjustable sharpening tool
  • Produce consistent power during bit sharpening work
  • Can tackle twisted bits with perfection
  • Excellent pricing as compared to other complete drill bit sharpener brands 

Keep In Mind:

  • Need lots of practice on this machine to achieve correct angles

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Drill Bit Sharpener

You need to know only a few essential things about choosing the perfect sharpener for your drill bit. This tool provides you with a way of refreshing your old bits and bringing them back to a useful life. This will improve your performance and the quality of your work efficiently.

If you follow these guidelines, your drill bits will never get dull and last much longer. Just consider the following factors carefully in your sharpener and give a new life to your drill bit:


Most of the best drill bit sharpeners are cast aluminum or silicon carbide materials. Cast aluminum sharpeners are incredibly strong, and you may not need to purchase a second drill bit grinder in your life.

The second important part of these sharpeners is their wheels. They should be constructed with Borazon grinding material. Borazon is an extremely solid substance; I am sure your sharpener machine will never become vibrant with this material, even if you are sharpening thousand drill bits. 


The size is another important factor to consider while buying these sharpening drill bits. Make it 100% sure that you have enough space available to place this gadget in a safe place in your home. It is better to consider the weight of this tool as well.

If you place the sharpener to the best possible place that can be easily accessed, you can take more advantage of this appliance.


You should have many knives, scissors, or shears in your home. These all tools need constant maintenance to stay in proper working condition. Instead of wasting your effort, time and money, bring a top sharpener in your home and forget about these traditional tools.

This versatility feature of the drill bit sharpener makes it a unique and most essential gadget in your home.

Power Source

This best drill guide provides you with two formats for these sharpeners. They can be either electric or manual. Electric sharpeners need an electrical socket to operate, but sometimes you have to work out in a location where this facility is not available. For that purpose, you may need a manual sharpener to work out.

This buying option is countable according to the situation you are facing.

Types and Prices

You can easily get multi-purpose or multi-functional drill bit sharpeners for yourself. These types come across in portable formats or placed anywhere in your home. These options are available in different price ranges.

You are likely to go for a standalone item in your home or pocket gadget; they depend upon your budget and preference.  

Verdict of Best Drill Bit Sharpener

I hope you are familiar with the best drill bit sharpener and can easily make your choice because of this nail drill bits guide. It takes a few minutes to connect this gadget, and once all set, you can quickly push the bit on the running grinding stone to sharpen the edges of drill bits.

It is better to have the proper angle and patience to do this job perfectly. You need some sharp points on your dull drill bits at the right angle to create a new drill bit.

You can renew them with Drill Doctor DD350X Drill Bit Sharpener, an ideal gadget in the current market.

Just choose your favorite industrial drill bit sharpener and decorate your home on your own!

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