Why is My Bathwater Yellow? Top 3 Causes and Fixes

Worried about why your bathwater is yellow and looking for ways to fix this issue?

The main reason for the yellow water in the bathtub is corrosion. If you are afraid of taking bath in rusty water, it is essential to understand that for most water systems, minor quantities of iron and oxygen are a common happening.

When the amounts of iron and oxygen are increased, it causes corrosion. So, this gives yellowish color to your water. The darkness of the yellow shade depends on the amount of rust in the water.

Why is My Water Yellow and What are its Fixes?

Although yellow water in your bathtub is not unsafe, you have to consider why it occurs. The top three causes of yellow water are given below:

1. A Colony of Iron Bacteria

The presence of iron bacteria also makes your water yellow. Though they are not harmful to our health you should fix this problem because these bacteria can damage your plumbing system and can cause bad smells.

Mostly this problem occurs in well water but other water systems can also be affected by this problem. When the bacteria of iron are combined with the oxygen and iron, a buildup or rust is created that is a slimy material.

It sticks to the pipes of your plumbing system. There is another sign of iron bacteria in your plumbing system, which is the dark stains around the plumbing fittings. You can fix the issue of iron bacteria with the help of a professional.

Colony of Iron Bacteria in pipes of drainage system

The best way to remove this colony is by using a chlorination process. There is another method to get rid of this; decrease the inactivity of the water system because bacteria growth is very fast in the spaces where water is not moving and it is still.

This issue can be resolved by twisting the corners of plumbing lines and periodic flushing of the system can prevent the growth of bacteria. Sometimes the rusting of iron occurred for a different reason.

The layer of zinc around the galvanized pipes wears off and so when they become exposed they get corrosion. This way the buildup of rust grows and then dissolves in the water. Thus giving a yellow color to your water.

To fix all this you can contact a plumber. If the pipes are rusty, you have to replace them to fix this issue.

2. Sediment in Water Heater

If you get yellow bathwater from a tap of hot water, this means the problem is with your water heater. The tank of your unit experience a buildup of minerals with time. These minerals are present in the water that settle into the bottom of the heater and slowly makes a hard buildup.

Sediment in Water Heater

So, when the layer of sediment becomes too thick, the water starts becoming yellow. You can fix this issue by cleaning the tank of your water heater. Flushing of water heater is easy and you can do it yourself.

If you find it difficult, you can hire a plumber. Luckily, you can get rid of all the stubborn minerals buildup by draining and your problem will be solved.

3. High Level of Bromine

If your hot tub water is yellow and there is a bromine spa system, it may be due to the high amount of bromine. This problem often occurs and you have to make the quantity of bromine normal. First, test the pH level of the water.

High Level of Bromine in water

During the test, when the test solution is discolored by bromine, people often think that the pH level is high. So, they add more bromine to the solution to fix this issue. But, this makes the problem more worsen.

First, you should add 5 drops of chlorine neutralizer to rebalance the water before reading the test. In this way, you will get the correct result of pH level. After this, adjust the spa’s pH. When this problem will fix, the color of the water will become fine.

Yellow Water Safety Measures

Is it Safe to Bathe in Yellow Water?

It is safe to take bath or shower from yellow bathwater and you should check your plumbing system by contacting a trusted local plumber. They rapidly recognize the reason for the yellow water by doing many tests and helping you to fix the issues so that you get your water clean again.

Is it Safe to Drink Yellow Water?

The brown water coming out of the faucet is safe to drink. However, you must identify the cause of the discoloration of water and try to avoid drinking it. Until the problem is fixed, you must use bottled water for cooking and drinking.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Repair Yellow Bath Water?

If the cold water is not yellow, only the hot water is yellow, then the problem could be with the water heater. The minerals buildup in the tank changes the color of your water.

You can fix this issue by cleaning the tank of your unit. Drain all the water from it and keep flushing it until the water has become clear.

Is Yellow Hot Water Harmless?

The yellow hot water is not dangerous for your health and you can drink it. But it would be better if you avoid drinking it and until you fix the issue use bottled water for drinking and cooking.

Why is My Bath Water Yellowish Brown?

The yellow color of the water indicates the excess quantity of iron in the water. After this, if the iron is exposed to oxygen, it makes corrosion. So, it changes the color of the water into yellow.

Is it Safe to Bathe in Corroded Water?

When the iron present in water is oxidized, corrosion forms. The yellow color of the bathwater is due to this corrosion. However, this yellow water is not harmful to your skin because the minerals are not absorbed into the skin and you can bathe in this water.

Is Yellow Water Dangerous for Your Health?

Luckily, yellow water has no harmful effects on our health. The yellow water in your house’s water lines is due to the corrosion in the pipes. Though yellow water may look unattractive, you can still use it to drink or for bathing purposes.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes your bathwater is yellow and you get worried to use it. Luckily this water is not dangerous for your health and you can use it for cooking, drinking, and bathing. But, it’s better to leave using it until the water becomes clear.

Different reasons are given in this article to fix this issue. So, it’s not difficult to fix these issues and so don’t fear if you turn on a faucet and get yellow water, it is not a severe issue.

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