5 Awesome Patio Items You Need This Summer

5 Awesome Patio Items You Need This Summer

It seems like it takes forever for winter to disappear so that you can pull out the patio furniture and dust it off for a long, comfortable summer of entertaining and enjoying the outdoors, but patio weather is rapidly approaching! There is nothing like filling a tall glass with cold iced tea and stepping out the back door to a beautifully landscaped and decorated patio with a comfortable chair and a view of the cityscape or backyard. If you love your patio, then we’ve got some great ideas on what awesome patio enhancements you should try this summer to jazz up your patio time.

  1. A Cordless Patio Lamp: In a world that is going wireless, why should your lighting options outdoors be limited by finite wires? Add a great, weather-proof cordless lamp to your patio so that you can enjoy entertaining or just sitting and relaxing even after the sun has gone down. 
  2. A Fire Pit: If your municipal codes allow small open fires, then consider a cool fire pit to accent your patio décor. They come in various sizes and designs from the small and simple to the artsy and elegant. Situate it in the perfect spot and you can sit around the fire pit long after dark, enjoying comfortable upholstered furniture and a cool summer night. Though most fire pits are able to handle the weather out of doors, some may need a furniture cover to keep them looking and working their best for many seasons to come.
  3. All In One Speaker / Projectors: These units are like an entire home entertainments system that can be carried under one arm. With no confusing cords, these all in one speaker / projector units provide all types of entertainment for outdoor parties or just outdoor living.
  4. Mosquito Repellent Lamps: In the evenings, one thing that might just be able to drive you indoors is an infestation of mosquitoes. If you want to stay out on your patio after dark and avoid smelly chemical mosquito sprays, try a different approach with a mosquito repellent lamp. A mosquito repellent lamp will keep you from getting as many itchy, swollen bites without harsh, dangerous chemicals so you can feel free to enjoy your patio more.
  5. A Patio Garden: Do you want to get more out of your patio than just enjoyment? Or do you wish you had a reason to spend more time out there? Try building a patio garden! Though you probably decorate your patio with potted flowers, you can also easily grow herbs and some varieties of vegetables in boxes on your patio, too—even if you live in the city! Choose a rustic wooden box or an elegant pottery urn, to blend in with your awesome patio décor and you’ll be good to start planting. Later on, before it’s time to store away the patio furniture again, you will gather in a small harvest in reward for a summer of just enjoying your patio.

Whether you are enhancing a new patio or an existing one, these awesome gadgets and decorating ideas will help you get the job done right!

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