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6 Tips For Approaching Home Upkeep Like A Pro

Home Repair Took Kit

For a lot of homeowners there’s something appealing about personally taking care of jobs around the house. While there are definitely times to leave it to the professionals, there’s something satisfying about using your own hands to fix up your home when you can manage it. Of course, much of your ability to take care of home repairs depends on ... Read More »

Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

common garage door problems

There’s a variety of reasons for why your garage door may not be functioning properly. The causes range from dead transmitter batteries to something blocking the door’s path. Fortunately, the answer is usually something easily resolvable. Some common garage door problems — and how to fix them — are: A Tentative Door When the garage door starts to lower and ... Read More »

4 Must-Know Hacks to Renovate Your Bathroom on a Budget

DIY Home Health Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

Is your bathroom in dire need of a pick-me-up? Bathrooms and kitchens are notorious, money-sucking renovations for a home. However, this post will share a few secrets to redoing a small bathroom on a budget. Alicia from DIY Home & Health recently did a bathroom renovation that only cost around $150 and in the post below she’s going to reveal ... Read More »

What Is the Most Profitable Farm Animal?

Beautiful goat from farmland.

First rule of farming: Don’t name your livestock. You shouldn’t get too friendly with an animal that is going to end up on somebody’s dinner plate. Yes, the most profitable farm animals are often the ones that generate income by being sold for their meat — but not always. It’s important to note, however, that if you’re planning on selling ... Read More »

Easy Treatments for Ear Mites in Rabbits

Little kid with bunny

Ear mites are a pretty common problem for rabbits. Most infections aren’t serious, thankfully, and can be dealt with easily at home. If left untreated, the problem will get worse and can lead to serious infections, including meningitis and eventually death. Even a minor infection is a pain for a rabbit to deal with, so it’s better to get it ... Read More »

5 Innovative Ways to Automate your Home

Home Automation with Amazon Echo

If you’re a new homeowner and tech is your thing, a central vacuum is no longer going to cut it. Personal technology has always been hip, but recently we’ve learned to expect more from our cars and even our homes. Why can’t we enjoy the same level of tech in these big-ticket items that we do every day on a ... Read More »

Recipe for Canning Stewed Tomatoes

canning stewed tomatoes with jar

Chances are, like many gardeners, you have sometimes found yourself with an overabundance of a particular crop. Perhaps your peppers were particularly prolific. Maybe this year’s crop of zucchini grew with unanticipated zeal. Or perhaps you have more tomatoes than you can reasonably add to salads, put on sandwiches or make into salsa. That is where the time-honored art of ... Read More »

How to Clean and Organize your Bedroom Closet

bedroom closet ideas

So you think it’s time for a closet renovation. Master bedroom closet ideas are endless when you consider all the storage and style options you can incorporate. So this is not a simple project. Reserve a large chunk of time to tackle this task — perhaps a long weekend if you are working without a professional closet company. For step-by-step ... Read More »

How to Winterize Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

As a homeowner, it’s important to take care of your investment. One way to do so is by winterizing your home. Winterizing simply refers to making your home and land ready to handle the cold, snow and ice. Winterizing not only protects your home but it can also help you save money on your energy bill by fixing drafty windows ... Read More »

How to Build a Bookcase With Cabinets

how to build a bookcase with cabinets on bottom

For this DIY project, you’re going to have to use your handyman – or woman – knowledge and skills. This is a step-by-step project that will most likely take you more than a single day to complete. Follow each step carefully to ensure a safe and steady finished bookcase with built-in cabinets. Take Measurements Before you do anything, you need ... Read More »

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