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Big Event Coming Up? Get Your Sofas Cleaned

Getting sofas cleaned before a big event3

When hosting parties and events in your home, it is not unusual to have a last minute panic of the state of the furniture. If the upholstery has a few stains or marks, where will your guests sit? Will they notice? Unlike simply living in a home, hosting an event there can lead you to turn a critical eye over ... Read More »

Laying the Foundation to Family

palo verde valley

Below is a post from my wonderful parents who hired a contractor to build their house and who inspired me to build my own and in doing so lay the foundation to our homey lives. Much like a marriage, building a house is a lot of work. When you think about the number of small details that go into building ... Read More »

Construction Safety Infographic

Viewpoint has put together this beautifully designed and thorough infographic about the safety of the construction industry. Take a look and feel free to share (if you embed be sure to cite Viewpoint like I did below). Read More »

Small Space, Big Style: Five Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Larger

interior design

Not all living spaces feature sprawling common areas. This may be unfortunate if your small space happens to be your living room, which often becomes the heart of the home, not to mention your family’s favorite hang-out spot. The good news is that there are several space-saving solutions and tricks to make your tiny den seem as large as possible. ... Read More »

How to Decide Between New, Rented and Used Heavy Equipment


A BRIEF PRELUDE: While I’m not certified in construction or a construction expert in any way, in this section I’ll be giving my personal advice based on experience working as a freelance construction worker. I’ve also successfully remodeled my house so I’m able to give an outlook about construction from a “build your own” point of view. Feel free to ... Read More »

5 Surprising Home Staging Tips When Selling

home decor outside

If you are like most people, once you put your property up for sale, you want it sold quickly and for top dollar. Unfortunately, the real estate market fluctuates quite a bit and it will not always be in your favor. Sometimes it seems like you’ve tried all the home staging advice in the book, and it’s still not going ... Read More »

7 Steps to A New House: A guide to tearing down wallpaper

Layers of Wallpaper

The minute we walked into the house, we knew it was the one for us. We saw its potential immediately, even through the five layers of wallpaper that were covering the kitchen walls. My gut reaction was to rip the paper down with a sledgehammer, but my wife reminded me that my hasty response to the yellowed grime covering the ... Read More »

DIY Wall Art: Silhouette Photo Display

An easy way to make your house your own is to decorate it with family photos. Of course, it’s easy to pop printed images into frames and call it a day; however, you can also opt to turn these precious pictures into an eye-catching focal point for any room in your house. One such option is to create a silhouette ... Read More »

How to Pick the Right Cabinets for Your Home


Check out this board on Pinterest to find your home’s perfect cabinets. If you are a new homeowner or are building a new home, chances are that you are going to have to decide on some cabinets to furnish your home. While this task can seem overwhelming, here are some tips that will make your cabinet-picking process a little easier: ... Read More »

5 DIY Home Improvement Projects To Do Now

home improvement

First posts are always tricky on a new blog. I feel like they define the rest of your blog’s life. Maybe I’m over reacting, but I still wanted to share something amazing. I recently stumbled upon this awesome infographic about DIY home improvements and thought it would be a great start to my new blog all about making your house ... Read More »

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