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Creative Design Ideas for Your Bay Window Space


Bay and bow windows: they’re my homeowner’s dream, but they can be a novice decorator’s nightmare. They look gorgeous from the outside — and they let sunlight flood into your home —however, they often create a corner of space that’s a bit difficult to fill without some creative inspiration. It turns out that there are ample ways to spruce up the ... Read More »

How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen space

All homeowners want to make the most out of their space. In that spirit, many are looking to their outdoor spaces, hoping to make them more functional for entertainment and relaxation. An outdoor kitchen is a perfect solution, and it can be an ideal place for hosting parties or spending quality time with the family. After all, kitchens are the ... Read More »

5 Ways I’m Trying to Live a Fuel-less life

Fossil fuels run the world. They provide heat and energy, they’re used extensively in manufacturing and can even be found in plastic. However, all this modern magic will come to an end – sooner rather than later. According to Forbes, fossil fuels are in their final century, but by cutting back now you can help make a global impact to ... Read More »

How to Paint Kitchen Tiles in 4 Steps

If you’re wondering how you can improve the look of your house, then you can try giving your kitchen a makeover. Most modern homes have granite kitchen countertops. It is indeed the most wanted design in today’s household. You would definitely want to replace that old boring kitchen tile with this elegant material. But granite can be quite expensive. You ... Read More »

How You Can Detect Home Foundation Problems

how to check a home's foundation, James

Unless a home is built upon a solid foundation, there is no hope for it standing throughout the years. Although your home’s foundation might have gone through a complete inspection before you took ownership, there is still the chance that problems can arise down the line. This is especially true if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. ... Read More »

4 Signs of Wood Rot and Mold

wood rot

The last thing a new homeowner wants to discover is fungus or mold in their home. The presence of these nasty spores could mean you have a problem with mold or wood rot. Mold and wood rot both emit a musty smell (the first warning sign!) and they can both cause severe damage to your home by weakening a foundation, ... Read More »

5 Simple DIY Projects to Save Money and the Environment

green DIY projects

You turn up your thermostat to heat your home, but the earth has its own thermostat in the form of the sun. The sun sends energy to the earth, and the earth absorbs the energy and heats up. Unabsorbed energy goes back into space, which causes the earth to cool down. While nature put this system in place, man impacts ... Read More »

Quirky Advice on Home Improvements from George Clarke

George Clarke

Restoration Man, Amazing Spaces presenter and well-known TV personality George Clarke recently teamed up with the Guardian’s Fixology section to answer some quirky questions on improving your home. When he isn’t filming for TV, attending conference shows or being an ambassador for Truedor, he has taken the time to answer some of the public’s questions. Mr Clarke was thrown a ... Read More »

Protecting Your Investment: Securing Your Home While on Vacation

Don’t let the stress of packing for a long weekend away or a highly anticipated family vacation cloud your mind when it comes to keeping your home safe and maintained while you’re gone. Leave your worries on the doorstep and take the proper precautions when it comes to securing your property. This includes everything from making sure your windows are ... Read More »

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