7 Pink Décor Ideas Inspired by Breast Cancer Awareness Month

7 Pink Décor Ideas Inspired by Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, why not redecorate your home with a touch of pink?

Pick and choose from these seven ideas to incorporate pink as a sign of support for those struggling with breast cancer or in memory of a loved one lost.

1. Accent Wall

Accent walls save you money and time. Simply pick one wall and cover it with your favorite shade of pink. If you can, paint the rest of the walls white or another neutral color.

2. Paint Your Furniture

Are any old chairs or china cabinets looking a bit shabby? Paint over them in pink to make them bright and new again. Add white cushions to your chairs if possible.

3. Chandelier Lampshades

These small light bulb shades will add flair to your dining room. They’re fairly inexpensive and simple to make. When you’re finished, balance out the pink with white napkins or tablecloth.

4. Table Centerpieces

Now you need something for the center of your dining room table. Decorate candles or paint a wooden candleholder pink. Fill a glass container with pink and white flowers, beads, breast cancer awareness month ribbons, or anything else you can think of.

5. Decorate a Pumpkin

It’s October after all, so why not paint a pumpkin pink? Carve your pumpkin for the porch or keep it indoors by painting it and adorning it with ribbons or rhinestones. A single pumpkin or a cornucopia filled with pink and white gourds makes another great table centerpiece.

6. Design a Wreath

For outside or inside your home, make your own wreath from simple materials like metal hangers and branches to felt and ribbons. Craft stores carry many wreath supplies, but don’t forget a pink breast cancer ribbon for the center!

7. Curtains and Pillows

In your bedroom or living room, hang up some pink curtains and decorate a couch with pink and white pillows. You can create your own pillow by sewing a message or ribbon onto the cover, and to prevent your couch from clashing colors, put a white slipcover on top.

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