5 Steps to Hosting a Successful Garage Sale

5 Steps to Hosting a Successful Garage Sale

Summer’s well underway, and with warmer weather beckoning us to spend more time outside, you may be thinking about hosting a garage sale. If so, you’ve made a great choice! Garage sales are a great for:

  • Incentivizing you to clean your house
  • Making money from household items you no longer use
  • Keeping usable materials out of the waste stream
  • Getting to know your neighbors

If you’ve never experienced garage sale hosting before, don’t worry!

Here are few tips for a garage sale, making it a fun event and allowing you to earn some extra cash.

Plan It Out

Plan a date a month out from your intended garage sale to organize your wares, prepare your marketing materials, and gather a group of friends and family to help. You should have enough time to re-plan if weather doesn’t look promising or friends aren’t able to make it. If you do plan to stick it out rain or shine, make sure you have a tent or room in your garage to move tables in so nothing gets wet.

Spread the Word

Road signs remain an effective method for grabbing your neighbors’ attention when you’re planning on hosting a garage sale. Make sure to use medium-to-large sized brightly colored posters. Post them on telephone poles, community bulletin boards, or any highly visible public location.

As far as designs go, feel free to express your inner artist, or make it a fun activity for you and your family. Use colors that contrast with your background to ensure maximum readability, such as black text on white paper or vice versa. Just to make sure the date, address and time is easy to read from those driving by.

Internet resources can also be helpful. Use neighborhood message boards, Facebook event pages, Craiglist and other social media resources to your advantage. Be careful about your privacy! If you aren’t comfortable giving out your address to strangers online, provide the nearest intersection or landmark to your home. Once they approach your house, they’ll find an exact address on the signs you’ve posted.

It’s also helpful to have the same sign with an arrow if you live away from the main road. Make sure to have the same color to make it easily recognized by drivers so they know where to turn to find you.

Do Your Research

Check online retailers and auction sites to find out what the going rate is for the items you want to sell. While many items may be hard to find, researching pricing data can help you get a feel for how you should price your items. Garage sale hunters expect a good bargain. Already have it made up in your mind how low you are willing to go for objects. If you have items over $100, consider adding them to craigslist to find locals who would be willing to buy for the higher price.

Price Everything and Keep it Organized

Pricing can get confusing if you don’t have an organized method. While you can use stickies and price EVERYTHING, that becomes very time consuming. Try to match items up by price. Have a table for $1, $2, $5 etc. Any items higher than $10 most likely will need their own price tag. Items often get shuffled around during garage sales so you may want to color code the prices (green stickies are $1 etc).

Spruce Up Your Home

If you’ve been putting off painting your exterior or replacing your old garage door, an upcoming garage sale is a great time to consider making these improvements. Establishing a visually welcoming space for your guests can help convince them to buy from you. If you want to learn more about how a new garage door can make an instant impact on your home, visit us at Marvin’s Garage Doors today.

Good Luck!

If you’re planning a garage sale this summer, we wish you the best of luck. We hope your garage sale will be fun, profitable, and an effective way to clean out your home’s storage space.

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