4 Must-Know Hacks to Renovate Your Bathroom on a Budget

4 Must-Know Hacks to Renovate Your Bathroom on a Budget

Is your bathroom in dire need of a pick-me-up? Bathrooms and kitchens are notorious, money-sucking renovations for a home. However, this post will share a few secrets to redoing a small bathroom on a budget.

Alicia from DIY Home & Health recently did a bathroom renovation that only cost around $150 and in the post below she’s going to reveal her hacks for renovating a bathroom on a budget!

Disclaimer: This post is based off of Alicia’s original article on DIY Home & Health which is sponsored by HOMAX®. Homax sent Alicia their improved formula for their TOUGH AS TILE® Brush-On Epoxy Refinishing Kit. All opinions expressed in the post below are Alicia’s.

If you have an ugly bathroom and are just looking for a way to spruce it up without breaking the bank, these renovation tips are for you!

When most people start to plan their new bathroom look, the first thing they think about is paint. Paint is an easy way to give a room a whole new look! That’s why I’m not sticking it in my list of hacks. This post isn’t to give you the obvious (like a fresh coat of paint) but to help you think of ways to improve your bathroom’s appearance that you may not even know exist!

Hack #1: Use stick-on flooring.

Old flooring in bathroom

how to replace bathroom flooring cheap and easy

Bathrooms can be one of the toughest areas to put down new flooring due to the toilet and other weird curves. If your bathroom has vinyl, which most old, cheap bathrooms do, not only will you have to scrape up the vinyl tiles, but you will need to also scrape up the glue layer which usually sticks the vinyl to the wood beneath. This can be a messy and long task. So instead, just leave the vinyl as is and cover it up with stick-on flooring. Use the stick-on vinyl wood flooring that is thin enough to easily cut through with a razor knife. This will make cutting those weird curves easier than if you go for thicker floors like floating vinyl wood floors. Ollie’s carries stick-on flooring around $20 for about 20 square feet (this pricing and availability is an estimate and it may not be carried in a store near you).

Hack #2: Use stick-on tile for accents.

Mirror with tile

I’m sure you’re starting to see a trend here. The secret to renovating your bathroom on a budget is to simply cover up the old with something new. Stick-on mosaic tiles or even stick-on stone looks great on mirror edges, as a backsplash, on the outside of the tub, or as certain wall accents. I got my stick-on anti-fungal tile on Amazon for $15 a sheet. To complete a large mirror trim, I needed two sheets.

Hack #3: Use the Homax Tough as Tile Refinishing Kit.

Easily mask older or discolored sinks, toilets and tubs with Homax. My bathroom had a fake marbled countertop and sink that I was dying to get rid of. However, purchasing a brand-new sink and vanity would cost me upwards of $400. Since this is a secondary bathroom, one we really only use if there are guests or if our master bathroom is taken, using this product to paint over the ugly laminate countertop and sink was a great solution. You can find it at The Home Depot and Lowe’s and the brush-on formula, which I used, is just under $40 (price may depend on where you live). It also comes in a spray that may be easier to use depending on your project.

Watch my video on how to apply Homax Tough as Tile.

Hack #4: Replace hardware and light covers.

This hack you may not be needed depending on how old your bathroom looks. Mine had mustard yellow, cracked light switch covers and a gross looking floor vent. The hardware on the cabinets was rusty and out of date. Even though these are small items in the bathroom, they affect the overall appearance of the room. They are also relatively cheap to switch out. A new floor vent cost me $10, outlet covers $3, and new hardware for the cabinet $4. If you are looking for an easy hack to fixing mismatched outlets and covers, use a decorator wall plate. I’ve even painted my light switches with nail polish to get it to be the same color as the plate!

Here are my before and after shots of the bathroom:

before photo of the bathroom renovation on a budget

After the bathroom renovation on a budget

Keep in mind, these are DIY hacks, which means they won’t necessarily add tremendous value to your home like doing a proper renovation with real hardwood, actual tiles, and a new sink and counter. But if all you are looking for is for a prettier bathroom without spending thousands of dollars, then these tips will work for you.


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