3 One-Dish Meals You Have to Make this Year

3 One-Dish Meals You Have to Make this Year

If you are a known foodie or home cook to your family and friends, chances are you found some cooking related presents under the tree this year. Among my new cutting board and veggie spiralizer, one kitchen present has stood out.

Santa brought me a ceramic baking dish on Christmas, and I’ve been obsessed with finding new ways to use it.  Ceramic is durable and not subject to scratch like many non-stick options, and it’s a healthy choice, too.

The best part? Since it is oven safe, I can use this dish to make one-pot meals for easier preparation and less clean up.

So in honor of my new kitchen staple, I wanted to share my favorite one dish meals I’ve made so far.

Healthy Mexican Casserole

I love to cook healthy dinners for my family, but I also know that if they are bland or flavorless, I’ll be eating leftovers by myself for a week. This cheesy chicken and rice recipe is a favorite, and thanks to the chicken, corn, beans, greek yogurt and organic salsa, it is filled with nutritious ingredients.  I’ve substituted the brown rice for quinoa cooked in chicken broth and added chopped avocados and cilantro on top before serving.

Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice

If there are two things that are guaranteed to please even the pickiest eaters in the cold winter months, it’s the creamy combination of cheese and rice. In this chicken and wild rice dish, the wild rice really adds flavor, so I never skimp on that ingredient.

Also, I’ll leave the chicken cooking in a crock pot during the day so that I just have to shred it when I start making this dish, also saving me lots of time.

Lasagna Rolls

Before the super healthy eaters out there skip over this recipe, let me assure you it provides way more nutritional value than the typical lasagna.

Turkey and Spinach Lasagna Rolls are even a Weight Watchers approved meal. Substituting lean turkey for beef and adding pepper, onion, spinach and low fat cheese make this a healthier option when you are craving an Italian dinner.

To save even more preparation time, I buy frozen pre-chopped onion and peppers, but I do buy fresh spinach and saute it before putting in. Frozen spinach has always had a weird taste to me, but if it doesn’t bother you, frozen spinach is another time saver.  These lasagna rolls are another meal that makes great leftovers, so I often take a roll in for lunch the next day. And if you don’t like lasagna roll ups, you could probably cook it the same way, but with stuffed shells instead

The ceramic baking dish that I received as a present on Christmas is clearly going to be the most used item in my kitchen. I’m on the lookout for more hearty winter recipes to cook in my dish, so please share your own one dish recipes in the comment section.

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