2015 Best Interior Design  Trends

2015 Best Interior Design Trends

Check out these 2015 interior design trends to help you get started on your home decor or remodel.


As far as colours go in 2015, there is one consistent thread – dark blues are set to become the dominant choice. Specifically, navy has been tipped to be the colour of choice for a range of things. Wallpapers, furniture, carpets – all of them will be treated to a splash of dark blue over the next 12 months. Complimenting the navy and aqua tones will be whites and other light neutral colours.

Warm metals

Unlike fabrics, which are going quite cold in their navy colour choice, metals are seemingly going the other way. Warm metals have been talked about as a major trend in kitchens and bathrooms. Copper and bronze, again playing off whites, will be preferred to colder metals like steel and iron.

Open plan (Shelves instead of cabinets = Bathroom on a budget)

Expressiveness is another key theme in the experts predictions for 2015 interior design predictions. Gone are the days of uniform design choices, replaced instead with a new emphasis on everything being open and free.

This is seen most prominently in the push towards open plan living areas. Instead of cramming everything into your living room, the new trend would see you move out the clutter (and maybe a few walls) in order to free up space for the sake of space. This may be good news for those looking for a redesign that doesn’t break the bank. Those with bathrooms to do up with a small budget can be thankful that instead of cabinets, simply shelving are set to become the trendier option.

Repetitive Patterns

Carrying on the move from “uniform” to “expressive”, 2015 will see the return of repetitive, ornate patterns. For years, the norm seem to be block colours. Even wallpapers were becoming progressively more one note in their colour scheme. This year, however, that trend is being flipped 180 degrees. Now the call is for heavy, complex shapes.

These shapes can follow a set pattern, but the more intricate, the better. They should also include a number of colours (don’t forget to include navy!). Alternatively, these patterns can be quite abstract and bold. Both should be repetitive in their patterns, and both should have a little touch of class about them.

This move towards the bold continues with carpets, and even extends to ceilings! Obviously, going crazy with patterned ceiling tiles isn’t for everyone, but implementing features that make your ceiling more eye-catching will get the thumbs up.

Textures and Materials

There is a big emphasis on bring the outside in this year. Most houses will include some aspects of nature in them somewhere, but that is set to go into overdrive. Animal patterns are tipped to become prominent fixtures in the home, as well as floral motifs. But that isn’t the end. There is also heavy emphasis on utilising unpolished woods and stone for both furniture and decoration/embellishments.

While functional, this is being mainly being done for aesthetic reasons. Using natural materials will go well with the natural metals such as copper, and natural colour of navy. The bold patterns we mentioned earlier also speak to this “bringing the outside in” motif – nature isn’t usually uniform. It’s an eclectic range of shapes, sizes and materials!


 Post Written by Izzy  Evans from The Home of Inspiration.




  1. Wow, it’s really perfect. Your home design tips and ideas are really inspiring and catchy as well. It’s definitely in the right track to include in my future home improvement plans and that’s for sure. It’s natural with a twist of modern taste which makes it perfect for the year 2015. Keep up the good work!

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