20 Up and Coming Healthy Living Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

20 Up and Coming Healthy Living Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

As the end of the year approaches, you might start thinking about your New Year’s resolution. If you’re looking for inspiration or have plans to get fit or eat better, add these up-and-coming healthy living gurus to your Instafeed.

  1. theredheadwholifts

This active redhead isn’t afraid to say she’s a rockin’ strong woman. She also lists her workouts and delicious and easy-to-make healthy meals. It’s inspiration to get that booty moving!

  1. awhitecavage

This blogger from DIY Home Health covers everything from healthy recipes to drinks to gardening to motivational quotes to get you living a healthier and happier life.

best healthy living instagrammer accounts - awhitecavage

  1. vanessavictoria17

Inspirational and awesome, this lady is a physical therapist and health and fitness coach. She inspires others through her work at her gym. It’s a positive, get-fit environment for everyone.

  1. tarik.basaran

He’s a personal fitness trainer with some great live vids to accompany his workouts. He provides inspiration for aspiring fitness models — and perhaps a bit of eye candy.

  1. libertysuares

This is an essential account for all the yogis out there. She provides beautifully posed backgrounds in stunning settings in demonstrational videos. You won’t be able to resist the temptation to start practicing yoga yourself!

  1. brooklynsbonnieandclyde

This husband and wife combo is on fire. They are beasts in the best way possible, and it gives you a whole new inspo for relationship goals.

  1. eatandtrain.nl

Got the travel bug and want to stay in shape? Follow these Dutch ladies as they travel the world, hitting one gym at a time. Their posts are both in Dutch and English, so don’t worry about any barriers.

  1. ibiza_fit

This instagrammer offers great health tips, beautiful photos and protein-packed recipes for you to start sculpting your beach body.

  1. keven_lissajoux

This is an account to follow if you’re a Spartan Race or marathon enthusiast. When he’s not traveling, he’s training, collecting race medals and looking to inspire others along the way.

  1. dalawrence44

Looking to buff up and get swole? This personal trainer and nutritionist updates his Instagram with impressive weight lifting videos and gym humor.

best fitness instagram accounts

  1. kimovement

This Aussie will have you itching to get to the studio and put on your best yogi and Pilates face. The occasional recipes will make your mouth water, but the scale will stay friendly.

  1. chrisbeckxo

This individual is a traveler off to inspire fitness, no matter where your wandering feet take you. Don’t miss the spectacular places he visits, as well as the tips on how to stay fit while on the move.

  1. 13. iam.fiturient

There’s a little bit of everything on this feed — food, fitness, inspirational quotes and attractive photos. This lady brings a new term to the table: FiTurient. Check it out.

  1. kaligotbody

She’s not only a trainer and fitness guru out to change the lives of others, but she’s also a natural hair enthusiast. She has everything you need to be the best version of yourself.

  1. hugo_g.d.t

Another Instagrammer out to improve health, fitness and travel, Hugo is worth the follow for tips on working out anywhere. He also has an epic beard — possibly full of fitness secrets.

  1. mollyashworth

A feed full of food, this health nut provides recipes that are solely plant based. It’s especially great for vegans looking to change up the menu.

  1. balanced_through_movement

This New York beauty has stunning photos and more. Learn from her balanced lifestyle of everyday activities, meal choices and yoga workouts.

  1. the_coastalqueen

Empowering women everywhere, this Canadian’s feed is all about finding the queen in you and feeling beautiful. She’ll inspire you to hit the gym or head outdoors.

  1. rhiacataldoyoga

This yogi has more incredible photos than you can count, but also lets the fun shine through in practicing. She’ll inspire you to jump into the balanced life that is at the center of yoga.

  1. uhohavocadio

You will leave hungry after checking out this nutrition guru’s feed. She’s ahead of the game on healthy food choices that will make your mouth water. It’s almost too much, but really, you want to look. Simply delicious!

From body building to simply eating better, this list of healthy living instagrammers has something out there for anyone looking to make a healthier lifestyle more achievable in 2017. Get out there and get moving!

Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Healthy Living and Fitness

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