Hardwood Flooring Survey [Infographic]

Hardwood Flooring Survey [Infographic]

It’s amazing how changing a certain aspect of a house can make it feel like an entirely new home. Switching out the flooring is a prime example, as the type of flooring you have can drastically change your home’s mood, comfort levels, and ease of upkeep. When deciding which flooring is best for your house (or soon-to-be-house), consider your personal preference as well as what might increase the house’s value.

The infographic below illustrates the results of two surveys that ask 100 real estate agents and 1,000 homeowners/homebuyers about carpeting and hardwood flooring. Take a look at the results, which are surprisingly consistent, to get a sense of the overall perceptions of flooring types.
hardwood floor


  1. Great infographic and I agree with the findings here based on what I see buyers looking for/doing before they move in and what I hear from real estate agents. The only thing that doesn’t make sense to me is that people are only willing to pay about $2000 more for a house w/ hardwood. I remember seeing the original survey results and that looked like the question wasn’t asked right. Often, people would probably being willing to spend at least about 10x that amount extra, so I don’t think they sampled that question right. But, overall the rest of the results make complete sense and it’s a no brainer that hardwood is preferred over carpet.

    • James and Alicia

      Good point, Debbie! I would be curious to see their survey questions/answer options as well because that doesn’t sound quite right.

  2. Love the infographic! I do believe that in general people favour hardwood flooring over carpet simply because it is easier maintain. The beauty of a solid wood floor is not only in the investment, but like anything that is solid wood, it ages beautifully. So your home will gain character as the floor becomes older, unlike carpets that seem to just get grubbier!

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