10 Creative Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

10 Creative Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Your fast-growing jewelry collection has finally spilled over into neighboring boxes and drawers, leaving a cluttered mess in its wake. Not only does it look unsightly, but the scattered pieces of jewelry also lead to an inevitable panicked sensation as you’re running out the door and can’t seem to find what you need.

It’s easy to slip off your jewelry at the end of the day, placing it on top of your dresser or in a drawer for later. But unless you enjoy untangling necklaces or frantically searching for the other half of your favorite pair of earrings, effective jewelry organization is essential. Here are some tips to keep you and your jewelry untangled:

  1. Let it go. It’s much easier to organize your jewelry when there’s less of it to sort through. Unlike clothes or bags, it can be tough to choose which jewelry you don’t want anymore. You don’t have to toss everything, but that cheap costume jewelry you wore for Halloween five years ago can probably go in the trash. And after you let the first piece go, you’ll probably find it easier to get rid of others as well.
  1. Dedicate your dishes. You know those small dishes you picked up a few years ago at the local yard sale but were never quite sure how to use? Go ahead and dig them out of storage — they could be just what you need for successful jewelry organization. Necklaces and bracelets easily fill up a small bowl, giving it a sense of purpose. Just stick to one necklace or bracelet per bowl unless you want to untangle the mess later on.
  1. Lasso the loop. This is a great way to use up an existing wall or shelf space, except you’ll want to gently place your jewelry around the loop rather than throw it. Virtually anything works as long as it’s sturdy enough. Place one or more pieces of jewelry around the loop, whether it’s a lamp, hook, or something a bit more unique — you could try using antlers if that’s your vibe!
  1. Try the towel rack. Towel racks are ideal for inconspicuous yet convenient jewelry storage. You can find plenty of sizes, shapes, and styles. Whether you hang them on a wall in your room or inside the closet door, towel racks offer ample space for larger pieces of jewelry. Add a bit of personality to any space with unique animal-shaped holders or stick to the traditional racks. If you have limited space, this organization method suits smaller apartments and dorm rooms.
  1. Break out the box. There are plenty of fun and interesting ways to organize your jewelry, and the good old jewelry box hasn’t gone out of style yet. If you don’t already have one, look for a box with enough compartments for each piece to avoid tangles and messes down the road. Boxes also travel easily, making them an optimal choice for frequent travelers.
  1. Show it off. Successfully organizing jewelry doesn’t necessarily mean shoving it into boxes or hiding it from plain view. You might not want to showcase every piece, but that stunning diamond necklace or shimmering earring set can make a marvelous addition to any room in your house. Place it on a jewelry stand for everyone to see, securing it with a glass cover if necessary.
  1. Bulk up those branches. A mini tree with sturdy branches – or a fun vase filled with branches from your yard – can be a prime spot for storing jewelry. If you’re not sure how sturdy the branch is, start with a lighter bracelet or necklace. Mix and match pieces or dedicate the tree to one type of jewelry (necklaces are a popular choice).
  1. Hold on to your hanger. Don’t throw away that raggedy old coat hanger just yet, as it could be just what you need for successful jewelry storage in a smaller living space. Grab a handful of loop screws from the basement or your local hardware store and simply screw them in evenly for fast, effective storage.
  1. Fill the frame. Bring an empty picture frame to life with a jewelry makeover. Let your creativity guide you here, as there are several options. Material with a bit of grip and extra space works best – lace, burlap, and even chicken coop wiring are great choices. You’ll want to carefully cut out enough to completely fill the frame, and then secure it with super glue or a staple gun. Hang up your jewelry when it’s ready and you have a crafty addition to your space!
  2. Simple is better. You don’t have to spend much time or effort to effectively store your jewelry. Thin, discreet nails are a great alternative as long as they’re steady enough to hold your jewelry. This is a perfect option for travelers who need something that’s easy to assemble or remove in a pinch.

Organizing your jewelry doesn’t have to be a long and painful process. In fact, you can probably find an ideal storage solution right in your own home. If you live in a tighter space, including an apartment, you may gravitate towards vertical options such as old coat hangers and wall hooks. Homeowners often have a bit more room to work with, so try finding some creative ways to display your jewelry.

Regardless of your living space or lifestyle, you’ll feel more relieved after tackling that mound of jewelry on your dresser — and you’ll never have to be five minutes late to work again after digging through a pile of jewelry looking for your favorite earrings.

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