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Homey Improvements is a huge fan of the blogging community.  That’s why we are constantly looking for contributors to write posts or even other bloggers who want to do a post swap. Here are some guidelines one what we are looking for in our submissions!

Guidelines to Submit A Guest Blog Post

  • Bloggers are welcome to cover any topic surrounding home improvements and DIY.  Topics could include infographics, latest DIY videos, how to better care for your home, and tips and tricks to living the homey life.  Here are the general topics we’re looking for:
  • Guest Blog Posts should be written with a minimum of 450 words.
  • Clear, Concise, and Actionable posts should always be provided.  Clear understanding of the English language is essential.  Being that the majority of our readers are English speakers, we place high value in a very well written post that has few grammatical errors.  Granted, we understand everyone is human and may make mistakes when they write, we ask you do your best to edit before you send along, and we’ll do the same for you.  If there are a few errors in your guest blog post, we’ll be happy to fix them, but we just ask that before submitting a post, you can be sure that the content you send is of the highest quality.
  • We ask that you DO NOT plagiarise.  We want only unique content, and all duplicate content will be dismissed and rejected.  If you do reference someone else’s work, please make sure to cite it or link back to them.
  • Please include a copyright free image or graphic to accompany your article.

If you do write content specifically for Homey Improvements and it is rejected, then you will be informed that your draft is permitted to be published elsewhere if you choose.  We will do our best to provide feedback on why the article was declined, but we don’t have the luxury of time to help you promote the content elsewhere.

After reading the guidelines above, you may be ready to submit your guest blog post! If that is the case, we’re excited to read your work.

You may submit your guest posts by sending them to jgwhitecavage [at] with the subject line “Contribute to Homey Improvements.”

Please provide the following with your email:

  • The Blog Post attached in a Word Document, or at least the specific topic you intend to cover with it’s Title
  • Examples of your writing elsewhere on the web.  Ie: Your own blog
  • A little bit about yourself – Provide a brief bio explaining a little bit about yourself, and why you know about the topic you’re covering.

What You’ll Get from Guest Blogging

With every guest post we can promise to promote your work through all of our social networks and help to build your brand.  In addition, you’ll get exposure to share your opinions and voice with all of our readers, and benefit from whatever traffic we can send your way.  Remember, the better the content, the more likely you are to get increased traffic!  Finally, you’ll get the amazing SEO benefit of being able to provide a link in your byline.

Thanks, and happy Guest Blogging!


  1. Hi

    I work for a double glazing firm based on the south coast and we would be really interested in writing a guest post for your site. If you think your readers could benefit from an article relating to the benefits of improving their home with double glazing it would be great to hear from you. The articles we produce our 100% unique and not used anywhere else on the internet. They go into details on the pros and cons of carrying out this type of home improvement.

    Kind Regards

  2. James and Alicia

    Cool stuff! I’ve always wanted to write for the Porch! Why don’t you email me at and we’ll talk 🙂

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