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4 Construction Equipment Management Tips


Regardless of the type of construction, maximum uptime is always the desired goal of a quality crew. When construction crews have ample operating time, they have enough flexibility to optimize their operations, resulting in more impressed clients and sustained contracts. Construction delays can result in unhappy clients and difficulty winning future contracts. As a result, it’s recommended for any crew ... Read More »

The 10 Biggest Landscaping Don’ts

landscaping dos

There’s something to be said about a well-maintained lawn and an alluring garden. For starters, the property instantly communicates that there has been considerable TLC put into the establishment. By showing a little initiative and being willing to invest enough time, you can improve the aesthetics of any property. Even if you don’t have the proper tools at your disposal, ... Read More »

Construction Safety Infographic


Viewpoint has put together this beautifully designed and thorough infographic about the safety of the construction industry. Take a look and feel free to share (if you embed be sure to cite Viewpoint like I did below). Read More »

How to Decide Between New, Rented and Used Heavy Equipment


A BRIEF PRELUDE: While I’m not certified in construction or a construction expert in any way, in this section I’ll be giving my personal advice based on experience working as a freelance construction worker. I’ve also successfully remodeled my house so I’m able to give an outlook about construction from a “build your own” point of view. Feel free to ... Read More »

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