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The Top 8 Ways to Create a Sustainable Home


There are many ways to increase the sustainability of a home, some are simple and inexpensive, and others are not so convenient. Take a look at 8 ways to improve the energy efficiency of a house and see if you can implement changes that could save both energy and money. 1 . Lighting: using energy efficient bulbs can reduce the ... Read More »

Creating the Perfect Bathroom for Him


You may think that for a man, the bathroom is just a functionary room. A means to an end. Somewhere just to “go”, and to clean. But you may be surprised that some, most, or if not all men want a few creature comforts in the bathroom, just to make the room feel a little more comfortable. Here are five ... Read More »

2015 Best Interior Design Trends

Lions Den Office - Ali

Check out these 2015 interior design trends to help you get started on your home decor or remodel. Colours As far as colours go in 2015, there is one consistent thread – dark blues are set to become the dominant choice. Specifically, navy has been tipped to be the colour of choice for a range of things. Wallpapers, furniture, carpets ... Read More »

Why You Need Construction Equipment Telematics

construction telematics

Read my latest article on The Blok about construction equipment telematics. Just to give you a snapshot, read below: “Equipment telematics provides the opportunity to use radio frequency identification to track machines, and even to learn how to better use equipment for greater efficiency. General contractors, subcontractors and most other principals in construction projects can benefit from equipment telematics. The ... Read More »

3 One-Dish Meals You Have to Make this Year


If you are a known foodie or home cook to your family and friends, chances are you found some cooking related presents under the tree this year. Among my new cutting board and veggie spiralizer, one kitchen present has stood out. Santa brought me a ceramic baking dish on Christmas, and I’ve been obsessed with finding new ways to use ... Read More »

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