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What You Need to Know Before You Clear Land to Build Your Home

home construction

A custom home provides an ample number of benefits; you can select the exact area to build, design the plans and then steadily watch the vision in your head become a reality. Being able to select a precise location and design the house plan provides the opportunity to maximize privacy and customize your utilities, too. There are many aspects of ... Read More »

Homeowner’s Guide for When the Power Goes Out

lights go out

It’s hard to believe widespread electricity hasn’t even been around for 100 years. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1930s that most families finally got their city and suburban houses lit up. Fast forward to 2014, and it’s impossible to imagine what life would be like without the prospect of electricity — well, for the most part. After Hurricane Sandy ... Read More »

10 Quick Fixes to Make Around Your House

DIY home projects

Bill Barber, the Managing Director of 1st. In Place Home Inspections Inc, sent over this well-done infographic he created. The graphic covers how to unblock a sink, how to paint a room, tips for changing kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs, and (of course) DIY safety tips. Quick Fixes to Make Around Your Home Infographic by 1st in Place Home Inspections ... Read More »

11 Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces


Hello there!  Very thrilled to be here sharing something to inspire you for Thanksgiving!  Thank you, Ali.  But first let me tell you a little bit about me & my blog.     My name is Rea from HomeFor4SweetHome. I’m married to this amazing man that makes me laugh until I cry & a mom of two (6-yr old boy & ... Read More »

Protecting Your Home and Loved Ones

family at home

As the head of the house, it’s our job to protect the family. While having money and a roof over our heads is part of that protection, we can often be mislead that we are secure when we are certainly not. And by the time it hits, it’s too late. The window is broken, the jewelry is stolen, your child is ... Read More »

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