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7 Backyard Pond Essentials

how to take care of a pond

Before you create your backyard pond you will want to make sure you have the essentials. Backyard ponds do not run themselves, they require regular maintenance from the owner. Different pieces of equipment will be needed to ensure the health and longevity of your pond. Some of the essentials we will discuss in this infographic include: Pond liner Pond underlayment ... Read More »

How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring Planting

how to prepare your garden for spring planting

Spring is in the air! I’ve been itching all winter to start our organic garden this year. We plan on incorporating hugelkultur beds and try to develop a primitive irrigation system (or at least attempt to figure it out so we can do it next year). I’ll be writing about our garden’s development on GRIT. But enough about our garden, ... Read More »

Spring Home Inspection Checklist

spring home inspection checklist

While my wife does the Spring Cleaning, I take the time to do more of the home inspection and improvement (at least that’s what I say I’m doing…jk). Houses take on quite a hit during winter and it’s important to check critical areas around the home that could be damaged and cause a hazard. This includes the roof, windows and ... Read More »

How to Grow the Best Asparagus Ever (With Only a Little Gardening Know-How)

how to grow asparagus

Asparagus offers numerous health benefits, including healthy doses of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. While many people savor the softer (and slightly less bitter) shoots, others prefer the stalk. Regardless of how or when you prefer to eat it, you’ll be relieved to know that asparagus is generally easy to grow and maintain, even for novice gardeners. For most gardeners, ... Read More »

What You Can Learn from the 5 Worst Engineering Projects of 2014

worst engineering projects

There’s great engineering, and then there’s awful engineering. While 2014 brought with it a host of amazing construction projects around the world, not every project turned out the way builders and engineers thought they would when they set out to create the blueprints. Bad engineering and construction projects drain finances, take longer to complete than scheduled, and usually disgust property ... Read More »

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