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QUIZ: What Is Your Backyard Personality?

backyard personality

These days, a backyard is more that just the outdoor space behind your home. Many people are viewing this space as an extension of their indoor living space, transforming it to fit multiple purposes including living room, kitchen, and even movie space. Now a backyard can be more than just a patio set or a swing set, it can be ... Read More »

10 Key Areas to Check Before You Buy a Home

home inspection

Buying a new home can be an exciting – and stressful – time. It seems like there’s so many things to think about when searching for that perfect property that go beyond the basics of location and style. If you are working with an experienced real estate agent, he or she can help point out potential problems that could pop ... Read More »

4 Construction Equipment Management Tips


Regardless of the type of construction, maximum uptime is always the desired goal of a quality crew. When construction crews have ample operating time, they have enough flexibility to optimize their operations, resulting in more impressed clients and sustained contracts. Construction delays can result in unhappy clients and difficulty winning future contracts. As a result, it’s recommended for any crew ... Read More »

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