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5 Best Animals for Homesteaders


Whether your goal is to get off the grid and away from it all or to try your hand at living a more self-sufficient life, animals are an important part of any homesteading plan. Raising animals for food will provide a well-rounded diet and give you more choices of items to sell or trade to make your living independently. Homestead ... Read More »

How to Select a Wood Stain to Complement Your Space

wood stain coffee table

The wooden surfaces in your home are the perfect place to play with color and enhance the ambiance of the room. Creating harmony with staining can be done in several different ways — from pairing similar hues on different types of wood, to choosing distinctly different tones to create a visually eye-catching contrast. Stains also come in different consistencies and ... Read More »

7 Awesome Benefits of Raw Honey for Your Skin


Have you tried just about everything in an attempt to have healthy skin? Well, don’t worry. You’re not alone and it’s no wonder you’ve got company. Your face is the first thing that people see. It’s the first physical impression you make and you want that impression to be a good one. And while appearance isn’t everything, we can all ... Read More »

Creative Design Ideas for Your Bay Window Space


Bay and bow windows: they’re my homeowner’s dream, but they can be a novice decorator’s nightmare. They look gorgeous from the outside — and they let sunlight flood into your home —however, they often create a corner of space that’s a bit difficult to fill without some creative inspiration. It turns out that there are ample ways to spruce up the ... Read More »

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