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How to Remove Permanent Marker from Everything

remove pm

Kids, you’ve got to love them. But apparently they love to draw on walls with permanent marker more than they love you. Okay, so it might not always be kids. Maybe you accidentally got permanent marker on your phone…or a table…or the couch. Sometimes, it just slips. But for those times, here’s an infographic to tell you how to remove permanent marker ... Read More »

What To Do with Old Appliances

old appliance recycling

It’s easy to take our appliances for granted, at least until the day they stop working. Unfortunately, that day often comes sooner than we’d like and we’re forced to decide how — not to mention if — we should make a repair. As more and more people opt to trash their appliance rather than keep it running, landfills across the ... Read More »

11 Easy Garden Plants for Better Health & Summer Savings


Rising food prices and a growing recognition of the importance of fresh food has spiked interest in home gardening. Seed companies are enjoying sales growth, which isn’t surprising when the Burpee Seed Co. estimates $50 in seeds and fertilizer can save a family $1,000 at the grocery store. To help you save money at the grocery store, we’ve featured easy ... Read More »

How to Declutter Each Room of Your Home

Spring Cleaning Decluttering

Spring Cleaning Time!  I can hardly believe how fast 2015 is going by. I love separating my months into missions. February is tax month but March is spring cleaning month! For those who are so sick of the cold, first day of spring is March 20th which will be here sooner than you realize (hopefully). The first step to our ... Read More »

How to Get the Best Deal on Your Mortgage for a First-Time Home Buyer

first time home buyers

Even for home buyers going through the process for the second or third time, home buying can be ridden with a variety of emotions, including anxiety, stress, doubt, happiness and anticipation. Once you get beyond some basic decision-making, such as location, mortgage financing may remain high on your list of concerns. Financing your home at the best possible terms requires ... Read More »

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