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How to Pick the Perfect Flooring For Your Home

kitchen flooring ideas

Choosing the right flooring for your home is a complex process, as numerous factors must be considered. It’s rare to want the same flooring in every room of your home, since what works in one room won’t necessarily do well in another. Rather than feeling overwhelmed at the thought of “flooring” your entire house, check out a few rock star ... Read More »

Yard Club: Construction Industry Meets the Future

yard club caterpillar

It’s been awhile since I posted about construction and since this news is both applicable to DIYers and my fellow construction workers I thought it would make the perfect post! The construction business has always been one of boom and bust. Everyone from independent contractors to multi-national heavy-equipment distributors know the perils of being in a business that waxes and ... Read More »

How to Make Delicious and Easy Fruit Pizza

dessert pizza

Everyone has their own way of marking the true beginning of summer. Some go by the official calendar date. Maybe you mark it from the first dip in the pool or the first 80-degree day. Me? I know summer is really here when I can relax on the porch with a good group of friends, a rousing game of Settlers ... Read More »

How to Build a Conservatory Yourself


This is a guest post written by Izzy Evans, home decor enthusiast and blogger over at For many people building your own conservatory might seem like a mammoth undertaking. It’s easy to feel that you will be out of your depth, with so many things to consider and get right but it’s not as difficult as you might think. Although ... Read More »

6 Steps to Detoxing Your Life and Your Home


Today, we have a special guest whom we asked to come write about detoxing your home. Marla Gates is the owner of Marla has dealt with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) for over 20 years. She has gained much knowledge on natural healing and living green in all aspects of life. Her goal and passion is to help educate others about alternatives solutions ... Read More »

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